Sabtu, 12 November 2011

L s0 funnyy guy ,memang x sen0n0h bet0ll ,,XD

Infinite Members’ Secrets (Vogue Girl Photoshoot)

Sungjong: I’ll say L hyung’s secret. When you see him on television, L hyung is very chic and doesn’t say much. He’s the complete opposite at home. He talks a lot and is almost a bit ditzy, so he’s really funny. If another person is speaking a lot and L hyung says one thing, it ends up being very funny.

Sunggyu: I’ll talk about Dongwoo. Dongwoo is…really not an idiot. He’s a genius. A lot of fans think that Dongwoo is chaotic and that he can’t really focus or he seems dumb, but he is really not like that. He only does that so he can become closer to people. If you get to know him, he’s really a genius. Don’t be fooled.

Dongwoo: When we’re promoting or doing interviews, L never says anything so people don’t know his secrets. I will tell one of his secrets. L is my roommate and we share the same bed, wait that sounds weird. We sleep together but while we’re sleeping, about 5-10 minutes later, L rests his knees on top of my legs while he sleeps. Nobody knows about this.

Hoya: I’ll reveal one of Sungjong’s secrets. Most people probably knows this, but Sungjong as a hidden S-line in his body. He has an S-line most girls would be envious of.

Myungsoo: I know one of Dongwoo’s secrets. I’m his roommate and we share a room together. Whenever we fall asleep, he sleeps with his eyes open. He sleeps with his eyes open and his mouth hanging open. And on top of that, he snores! I can’t sleep because of him. I wish he would fix that.

Sungyeol: You can’t fix the habit of sleeping with your eyes open. This is my secret…I sleep with my eyes open as well.
 gamba x sen0n0h dye ,,aig00 ~ L nie ,<3

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