Selasa, 6 Disember 2011


aig00 ~ 0t0ke ? semalam aku ade f0ll0w up h0spital k. pilah ! tapi aku terlupa ! then kena la call h0spital yg aku menyampah nak mati 2 kan ! c0z yelha , aku kan pakai bracess ,! huahua :) dah lha nurse kt sana macam haramm ! menyampah :(

aig00 ~ macam mane nak beli ep0p nie ? dah bape hari aku x kuar umah nie ? aig00 ~ dah la ep0p this m0nth back c0ver dia INFINITE  huhh ! * i'm dying :(   nampak kan p0st aku kat atas 2 ? hehe

k ,bye

Ahad, 4 Disember 2011




TENG0K LHA BILE2 TIME AKU RAJIN 0R MENGIDAM NAK UPDATE BL0G NANTI AQ UPDATE LAA  # bukan nye k0rang kesah kan ? hapa lha aku nie !


Selasa, 29 November 2011

MAMA 2011 :)

0kay ! dah diam b2uty semua , tau b2st yg k0rang admire gile 2 menang kan BEST DANCE PERF0MANCE GR0UP ! aig00 ~ ann0ying je ! never mind ,! next year infinite pulakk grab that award :) huahua , infinite p0n x hadir kat MAMA 2011 , dye0rang s0 tiredd back fr0m japan ! ajja ajja fighting ! # tengah menyampah dengan b2st ! mianhei wahai b2uty semua ,! :p

MAMA 2011 ! next year perf0rm kat malaysian pulakk tau ! i realize that malaysian fan n0t "se h0t " mcm singap0rean fan , right ? :D MAMA 2011 , please be nice t0 me :)

bl0gger s0 far s0 fuckk ! b0ringg gile !

k,bye :)

Jumaat, 25 November 2011


annye0ng ! 0key ! what thee fuck :) s0rry n0nsense japp ! infinite still in japan  ,, ya ! 0ppa , pity me , if n0t , i will cheat n find an0ther guys !  arass0 ?! :( bile lha k0rang nk balek ? iyelha , mane lha tau suddenly L tersangkut pulak dgn minah kt japan 2 kan ,mane b0le caya ,, hik h0kk :)

es0k nak balek JB ! c0z ade wedding ! 0kayh ,dah bape kali aq p0st pasal nie yg k0rang x nak ambek tau p0n kan ! haha~ es0k nak make up gile babeng ! teng0k lha kalau aq rajin snap ph0t0 ! :)

FB s0 far s0 fuckk ! macamm haremm ! asyek chatting ngn same pers0n je ! kinda b0ring :)

k, bye :))

Khamis, 24 November 2011

hey there , wh0 inspirit's 0r L bias ! read this ! this very imp0rtant ! :)

[cafe] 111124 - infinite q&a: l
Korean name: 김명수
Chinese name: 金明洙 (T/N: Thank you Sam~)
Birth date: 1992.3.13
Height/Blood type: 180 cm, O
(Please answer all the questions genuinely or you’ll die, die ^^)
Other Information:
Shirt size / Shoe size: M~L. 265~270
Favorite color: Black
Ideal type (detailed): Long and wavy hair, innocent
Q1: If your CEO told you to get plastic surgery.. Is there a place that you wish to get plastic surgery on?
A: What about you, 렝아벗어-nim? (T/N: 렝아벗어 is their ID)
Q2: When you reply to Inspirits’ UFOs, your reply is always the shortest. Does oppa only have ㅇ and ㅋ on his keyboard? What’s the reason why you give a short reply?
A: ㅎㅎㅎ…
Q3. If oppa were to meet his ideal type during a fansigning, what would he do?
A: ^^
Q4. Among the things you’ve obsessed over (such as food or objects), what was the longest time you obsessed over something?
A: The color of black for 20 years…
Q5: How do you feel when people say you look better in person? Do you agree? Be truthful!
A: Sungyeol is better looking.
Q6: While doing ‘Paradise’ promotions, you were wearing clothes that showed your back. What did you think about those clothes?
A: It’s provocative.
Q7: Which song did you like your parts the most from every song you’ve sang during promotions?
A: ‘Real Story’
Q8: When does the girl that oppa likes, look the prettiest???
A: When smiling.
Q9: If I were to become leader, I would do everything to change this member’s habit! Is there something like that?
A: Dongwoo hyung and Sungyeollie’s sleeping habits.
Q10: Something you want to do with the person you love! I’m also curious about the nickname you would want to call them by!
A: Amusement park, yeobo-yah (T/N: darling) ^^
Q11: If 10 million won were to fall from the sky, what would you do?
A: I don’t think that will happen…
Q12: If there was a time after your debut when you cried a lot, when is it?
A: When Jiu’s final recording ended.
Q13: There’s a girl you really like, but she doesn’t have long, straight hair. What would you do?
A: I would make her get wavy hair.
Q14: You’ve become a singer, stood on a fashion show, and acted. If there’s something else that you would like to try out, what would it be?
A: A hair designer. (I have skills.)
Q15: After moving into your new dorm, is there a fun episode that happened with Sungyeol oppa?
A: Yesterday, Sungyeol fell asleep while laying down and eating kimbap ㅋㅋ
Q16: You’re uneasy that Inspirits will cheat on you while you guys are gone, right?
A: ㅋㅋㅋㅋ Yes…
Q17: When I go to a fansigning, you always take a census! Why do you do that?
A: Why are you asking that? It’s private.
Q18: You listened to the radio (T/N: referring to L’s cafe posts about KTR). Did you do that because you had free time? Or was it for Inspirits?
A: Everyone, I don’t have free time…
Q19: When going to Japan, what are the 5 items you must take?
A: Passport, cellphone, wallet, packaged ramyun, and a curling iron.
Q20: Your dorm has set on fire! If you were only allowed to take 3 things, whether it being a person or object, what and who would you take?
A: Checkered shirts. Fedora. Cardigan.

awak !! h0t x ph0t0 nie ? haha ! L ! d0 y0u have a muscles ? aig00 ~ (i'm sh0cked ) :)

arasso~ 0keyh d0n't talk a l0t f0r this ph0t0 ~ saya taw dye c0mell ,,huahua, time ni infinite kt japan :)

 0m0 ! L ! saranghae :)
best dancer :)

u olls !
I am so frustrated right now -.- , Infinite will not attending MAMA and Melon Awards this year :'( ! They're so busy with Japan schedule . My heart broke into pieces ! I want to watch MAMA definitely because of them ! Now no more reason for me to watch :/ !
Now I'm just hoping they doing well in Japan ♥:)
 k,,bye ! i'm sad right n0w c0z infinite n0t be there (MAMA 2011 ) :(

walawehh !

annye0ng !

‎...:::hate korean boy n girl:::...
awak ! nampak x mende kat atas 2 ? aq c0py paste tau ayat jadahh 2 dari FB ! yeahh ! ex-friend aq dulu punye status ,! macemm haremm ! wanna i slap him ? :(  f0rget it !

0kayh , ain gem0kk dahh balek umah tadii ! aig00 ~ dah lha cuti smpai ary isnin! btw , n0 lapt0p n0 tv ea ? ,,huahuahua, biase lha SPM victim kan  ? :)

k,,baru seminggu cuti sek0lah ? rase b0ring gile bhai ! hari2 terperap kat umah ! baikk jual jerukk jee ! XD

hehe ! yeahh ! cite cinderella stepsister aq dah teng0k sampai eps 3 ! i h0pe can finish it ! haha ~ yupp ,,itu p0n aq teng0k kt y0utube ,yup ,,aq taw cite 2 ade kat tv2 ,! tapi aq terlepass nk teng0k  ,, :)

k bye ! <3

Rabu, 23 November 2011

:) shh milee :)

annye0ng .! tadi baru lepass teng0k b0la , HARIMAU MUDAA vs SYRIA :) tadii HARIMAUU MUDAA l0se ! never mind laa ,d0 ur best next time ! 0uhh ,this sunday right ? HARIMAU MUDAA vs BAHRAIN ,, HARIMAU MUDAA letihh lagi lha , n x cuk0p stamina ,yupp ,c0z semalamm kan dye0rang baru balek jakarta ( asean games ) :)

u olls ,see that ! huahua ~ japan debut - BTD :)

yay ! L in thee h0use , why his finger ? injured ? aig00 ~ btw , c00l face laa ,haha :)

n this ! u knew it right ? yupp ,sungj0ng (maknae)! aww ,aegy0 face <3

he s0 ad0rable right ? ,k, ikew it <3 , greenly d0ngw00 !

kiss kiss <3 , sungye0l with his puppy : ye0llie :) <-- cute name ! that puppy with inn0cent face ,right ? hahaa :)

Selasa, 22 November 2011

saengil chukhae hamnida rapper 0f infinite :)


cute kan ? k tau lama dah ~ :) even L pakai baju kur0ng p0n still nmpak cute ,haha

 n this ,h0ya ~ :)

yupp ! bijakk student cikgu nie ,huahua ~ nie lha d0ngw00,
aig00 ~ u 0lls ,t0dayy birthday d0ng w00 lha ,rapper infinite ,0uhh ,lupa nk wish kt dye ,,
iyelha ,,22/11 :) sanegil chukhae hamnida 0ppa <3 ,ajja ajja fighting ~

haaa ~ nie lha ,,cute nye ph0t0 nie baru diupl0ad 0leh infinite ~ best gile dapat chingu mcm nie ,~ 0kayh ,,L nmpak kamu , :)  mianhei ,,gamba x clear ,,memang bukan aq yg ambek p0n ,,huahua <3

this weekend nk pegi JB ade wedding my uncle punye adikk !,n stay there f0r 1 night ,~ s0 n0 0nline lha ,!

k,bye , send my regards f0r ur parents ,,if u can ! k, bye :)

Ahad, 20 November 2011


annye0ng ~ arass0 ,aig00 ~ b0ring gile ni bhaii ,,hakhak ,,budak2 sktar batch darjah 6 time 2008 buat reuni0n kt kfc gemass ,semalam ,iyelha x kan kat kfc k0rea pulakk kan ,hapa lha ,,haha ~ then ,aq m0lla ,,malass nk pegi ~ buat x taw jelha ,padahal bestie ngn dye0ng , then ,pipah <-- u olls kenal ke ? haha~ dye call mak aq , mcm dye ajak aq pegi sekali lha kan ,~ haha ~ time 2 ,aq mampu tergelak n tergelak ,haha~ (terharu japp ) ,haha ~ ,abes duit dye je call mak aq ,,4 ever p0n aq x pegi lha ,iye ,,aq x ngam lagi ngn dye0rang ,,memey lha kan ,aq sk0lah asing2 dah ,,ape p0n x b0le ,, <3 then ,dye0rang buat lagi bulan disember nie ,,k0t2 ,sape yg terlepas n x dapat datang kan ,  :)

keje aq kat umah ,time cuti sek0lah ni, tid0 ,, makan ,,teng0k tv (mesti lha cite k0rea ), 0n9 ( wajibb bukak y0utube nak teng0k infinite ) ,, then skipping n skipping ~ ,b0? k0rang ingat aq x bersenam ke ? p0dahh ~ aq bersenam lha ,,iyelha ,kt umah je p0n ,l0mpat2 main skipping p0n jadilah.. nak kempiskan per0t aq yg makin memb0r0i ni kan ~   heyy ,aq diet jugak ,,sarapan just minum 0at je ,,then ,aq x makan lagi lha,,teng0k lha samapi bila aq b0le tahan ,,haha~

nak mengade japp ngn L <3~

yaa ! asal suke sangat buat main lidah lie that ? s0 weird lha ,haha ~ dah habit L mcm 2 ,~ aq rase nie ph0t0 time infinite nak pegi japan k0t ,0tw kt airp0rt laa 2 ~

 n this ph0t0 ,,ntah lha~ dah lame k0t ,~ m0lla ,,lain lha kalaw aq jaik pers0nal assist. dye kan ~ sume aq taw, haha ~

yeahh ~ ph0t0 ni p0n , what the fengg ~ cute gile ,,candid 2 bhai ,, 0keyh2 ,,dah2 scr0ll bawah ~ jgn tenung lame2 gamba L nie ,,kang ini makan dye ~ XD

k ,,bye ~ happy sch0ol break ~ <3

Sabtu, 19 November 2011

m0lla ~

aiyypp ,,hye2 ,0kayh ,c0ngrats t0 upsr victims f0r y0ur results last thursday ,right ? ,elehh ,,aq lagi terer upsr aq dpt 3A 2B 3 taun lepass ,,<-- XD x penah aq bangga de dgn result 2 ! mcm haremmmmm ,,0kayh ,,PMr kang kuar result 0uhh semputt ,,# malass nk pikir pasal pmR result ,,p0dahh ~ XD

yaww ~ u olls ,, this week INFINITE kt japan lha ,,ntah lha ,,dye0rang buat sh0wcase 0r bla bla bla .,# jeless nk mamp0s nie ,

  see that ? i'm addicted 0f it ,,

can u buy this f0r me ? XD ,,aq dah gile dgn RILAKKUMA nie ~ had00ii~

tadi aq baru abes facial ,,nk dekat 5 jam jugak lha aq facial ,dari 10 sengah smpai lha puk0l 2 petang ~

k,,bye ~ # b0ringg !

Rabu, 16 November 2011

n0w i'm in twitter~

annye0ng ,,0kay ,,nk taw x ? tadi aq dpt 100 hengget ,,haha ,,mestilha ,, i keep the m0ney ,,n0 m0ney n0 talk ,~

then ,,tadi aq pegi sk0lah macm biase ,,x heran p0n ,,es0k n jumaat ,,p0dahh ,,d0n't wait f0r me ,,harammmm aq nk datang sk0lah ,,b0ring gile ,,asyek2 dengar acik kantin 2 st0ry m0ry ,,naseb baik aq pendengar setia ,,haha ~ mane x nye ,,hari2 aq lepak kantin semata-mata nk dgr acik 2 cite ,,haha ~ WTF !

then ,,mcm biase ,,farah p0n saje2 lha teng0k ph0ne aq ,,n then d0wnl0ad lagu k0rea ,,alahh ,,k0rang ,mcm x biase pulakk ,,haha ~ lagu lain 2 aq kasi farah d0wnl0ad taw ,,but n0t my infinite ,,huhh ! smpai mati p0n aq x kasik 0rg lain d0wnl0ad lagu infinite fr0m my ph0ne ,,jgn harapp aq nk kasik ,,0kayh ,i've kn0wn im such a cruel pers0n kan ? haha ~ s0 ,,shut up !

hehe ~ tadi aq dah teng0k si gadis tweet ,kt tv9,~ awes0me gile drama 2 , liyana jasmay belak0n ,~ rugi k0rang x teng0k ,~

k,,bye ,,FB n bl0g makin lame makin b0sann ,,~ ntah hape hape ,,klaw setakat nk pen0hkan news feed aq dgn p0rn0 ph0t0 k0rang 2 ,, thanks je lha ,~ harammmm jadahh  x dpt mende klaw aq teng0k ,,i get sin ,,adelha ,~ had0ii ,,manusia zaman sekarang ~ ,,n k0rang ,, n0w saya tengah nk mendalami ilmu twitter ,,b0sann lha hari2 FB , nk jugak aq tukar angin ,,haha ~

k..bye ,,

Sabtu, 12 November 2011

L s0 funnyy guy ,memang x sen0n0h bet0ll ,,XD

Infinite Members’ Secrets (Vogue Girl Photoshoot)

Sungjong: I’ll say L hyung’s secret. When you see him on television, L hyung is very chic and doesn’t say much. He’s the complete opposite at home. He talks a lot and is almost a bit ditzy, so he’s really funny. If another person is speaking a lot and L hyung says one thing, it ends up being very funny.

Sunggyu: I’ll talk about Dongwoo. Dongwoo is…really not an idiot. He’s a genius. A lot of fans think that Dongwoo is chaotic and that he can’t really focus or he seems dumb, but he is really not like that. He only does that so he can become closer to people. If you get to know him, he’s really a genius. Don’t be fooled.

Dongwoo: When we’re promoting or doing interviews, L never says anything so people don’t know his secrets. I will tell one of his secrets. L is my roommate and we share the same bed, wait that sounds weird. We sleep together but while we’re sleeping, about 5-10 minutes later, L rests his knees on top of my legs while he sleeps. Nobody knows about this.

Hoya: I’ll reveal one of Sungjong’s secrets. Most people probably knows this, but Sungjong as a hidden S-line in his body. He has an S-line most girls would be envious of.

Myungsoo: I know one of Dongwoo’s secrets. I’m his roommate and we share a room together. Whenever we fall asleep, he sleeps with his eyes open. He sleeps with his eyes open and his mouth hanging open. And on top of that, he snores! I can’t sleep because of him. I wish he would fix that.

Sungyeol: You can’t fix the habit of sleeping with your eyes open. This is my secret…I sleep with my eyes open as well.
 gamba x sen0n0h dye ,,aig00 ~ L nie ,<3

AIM.18 2011

annye0ng ~ 0kay 0kay ,,en0ugh en0ugh ~ semalam aq bukak FB ,,ter0s nmpak name GC sana sini ,,,pening kepala aq asyek nmpak nma 2 je ,,iyelha ,,hupdate status lha katakan ,~ aq hupdate lagi lame dari k0rang taww ,,sehari sbl0m AIM aq dh hupdate status ,,haha~
                    mianhei,,ph0t0 nie x de kene mengena ngn GC 0kay ,,nie just gamba L je,,haha ~ kye0pta <3
es0kk ade jamuan kat sk0lah ~ s0 ,,kena lha pegi ,,

,,bye ,, GTG ~ annye0ng~

Jumaat, 11 November 2011

11.11.11 unf0rgettable experience in my life ,,even it s0 nice date n hari bufday minhwan maknae kan !

annye0ng ,,awak ,,greys0n chance <3 ,,aig00 ~ justin BEBAL dah basi 0kay ,,dye dh tua ,,haha~

c0mel kan ? # taw dah ,,haha ~ dah2 ,,jgn nk menggatal ,,budak nie baru f0rm 1 ,,kecik lagi ,,haha~ # tapi dh buat k0nsert ,cayalahh ,k,,aq dh tukar lagu dye kt bl0g nie ~yaww,,peace

yaa ! t0day ,,11.11.11 ,,birthday ch0i min hwan (ft island ) ,,alahh ,,yg cute mute maknae 2 ,,# x kenal sudaa ,~ XD

japp , i have a unf0rgettable experience,,, t0day 11.11.11,,nk tau x ? tadi aq n my 0mma pegi segamat c0z nk bayar duit bank ,,then ,,kite0rang naek lha keta wira ,,(keta h0nda appa aq bwak gi KL ,) suddenly ,,: dh smpai depan lampu isyarat tau ,,then 0mma p0n start kan lha enjin ,,tapi x b0le ,,ape lagi ,,cuak bhai ,,dh lha banyak keta time 2 ,tthen ,,adelha 0rang yg tah hape hape h0n keta aq ,! aq p0n dlm keta 2 buat b0d0h je ,,haha ~ # tund0k kepala ,,malu ,n sambil buat2 tgh tep0n ,XD ..then mak aq pegi panggil 0rang kkt kedai w0rksh0p 2 ( nseb baik dekat ngn w0rksh0p ) ,,aq p0n dud0k lha dlm keta 2 dgn muka yg tebal ,,time 2 ya allah ,,tak0t aq smpai nk nangis ,,siap ngucap lagi ,,iyelah ,0rg h0n2 kite n tak0t pulakk kalaw l0ri gile s0nd0l keta aq haa,~time 2 ramai gile pandang ,,# iyelha taw keta aq lawa kan ? haha~ then ,,mekanik p0n dtg nk memberi bantuan ,,! cheewah ayat aq , x b0le bla pas2 dye ckp bateri habes ,,tapi time 2 enjin b0le start ( tu p0n dye0rg bet0lkan ) then ,,dye sur0h mak aq pegi bwak kat kedai dye ! time mak aq bwak 2 ,,suddenly keta mati enjin lagi ,,then ,,aq p0n pegi panggil mekanik tadi kt kedai ,,# dah lha time 2 keta mak aq benti tgh2 jalan bhai ,,# l0r0ng nk mas0k kiri nk gug0r jant0ng aq ~ haha ~ then ,,dye smpai n t0lak keta mak aq!,,pas2 dye ckp ,,keta abez battery n karberater b0c0r k0t ,,cm 2 lha ,~ then mekanik 2 bwak pegi kedai ter0ss ,,pas2 ,,awwww ,,ade cina ensem yg cute mute ,,dua 0rang pulakk tu ,,nk ch00se yg mane ni? rambang mata lha ,,XD ,,nk je bwk balik cina 2 ,,haha ~ tapi aq lagi minat gila kt cine yg tgh jaga kaunter 2 ,,haha ~ # berangan j0lah kau aimi ,,~ then ,,mak aq p0n beli lha battery keta yg mahal nk mamp0s 2 ,, 140 hengget ,~then cine lagi satu 2 ,,bukan yg  jage kaunter 2 ,,dye ckp ade pr0blem kt enjin ,,tapi dye ckp dye x b0leh buat ,,c0z kedai dye just jual keta n bende jadahh lagi lha ~ time kite0rang nk balek ,,cine yg cute mute 2 smpat pr0m0te kalw nk beli keta baru kt dye ,,haha ~ bg0s betul maa berniaga ,,ahaa ! yaww ,,cine jaga kaunter dye mcm pelatt cikit ,,haha ~ tapi cute lha ,,c0z dye ckp banyakk = manyak ,,kelakar lha ,,dah lha clear dye seb0t perkataan manyak ,, time 2 aq nk tergelak ,,tapi tahan je,,, s0rry lha aq x ambek gamba 0r aut0graph dye lha ,~ nk mamp0s ??,,then mak aq p0n x sedap hati ,,c0z tak0t x lepas nk balek umah ,,pegi pulakk kedai lain ,name kedai 2 bukan w0rksh0p tapi klinik fatt fatt ,,haha ~,,then cine kt citu p0n repair lha keta mak aq nie ,cine kt citu dh tua lha ,,x c0mell haha ~pas dye habes repair keta mak aq ,,dye ckp klaw nk repair karberat0r kena tinggalkan keta ni kt citu,sehari c0z ambek masa 3 jamm ,,es0k baru ambek ,,then ,mak aq x nak ,,dye p0n bawak lha balek keta pelan pelan, nekad bet0l mak aq ! # aq pulakk yg cuakk ,,klaw aq lha ,,aq x nak bwk balek ,,klaw naik bas 0r taxi nk balek umah p0n x pe ,then,,,0tw nk balek umah ,,ya allah ,,setiap saat ngucap ,,haha ~ iyelha ,,tak0t keta 2 buat hal lagi ,tak0t benti tgh jalan pulakk time nk balek 2 ,,keta kite0rng berg0ncang -g0ncang ,,haha~ segan 0rg pandang ~ tapi buat muka **** jee,# mengade bet0ll keta 2 ! then ,naseb baek smpai jugak gemass ,,pas 2 mak aq nk singgah kedai tud0ng japp nk beli tud0ng f0r dinner malam nie ,,pas2 aq p0n beli jgk ,,haha  selendang kale purple ,,# 0keyh taw k0rang ade ,nnti aq upl0ad gamba tud0ng aq 2 es0k ea ~ ,,


Khamis, 10 November 2011

date : 11/11/11

annye0ng ,,t0day 11.11.11 ! # i kn0w  ramai gile bl0gger hupdatee entry pasal date ni kan ? # ngaku je lha ,,XD
fulamakk !,,sedap betul date 2 ,,nak je aq kawen harini ,,iyelha ,,aq tau ramai gile yg buat event mcm wedding 0f the year ,,kenduri arwah (hamekk kau ) 0r bla bla bla kan ? !  klaw ye p0n ,,asal x kawen dgn mas kawen 111111 hengget ? <-- mianhaei ( i'm f00l math ) kan senang ! x de lupe date 2 ! klaw samb0t wedding serentak je ~ XD

k,,aq dh khatam teng0k cite k0rea kt atas nie~,,gl0ry jane ,,smpai eps 4 je p0n ,,aq teng0k kt #laju gile beb c0z guna wifi lha,,if br0adband sl0w mcm siput lha nmpaknye ~,haha~ 1 day 1 eps ,,right ?? haha~
i wanna g0 t0 sleep right n0w ,,my bed calling me already ~ papaiii ,,annye0ng :)

Rabu, 9 November 2011


nnye0ng ~,,dah x d0 k0j0 kt umah nie ,,aq nk p0st s0mething yg tah hape hape jap ea ,,~ ..

                     <3 ALL AB0UT KP0P DIE HARD FAN <3

<3 0rang yg minat kp0p nie suka berangan ,~ XD DREAM 0NLY DREAM JE LHA ,~ same with me lha~

<3 sanggup habes duit utk pegi c0ncert ,,sh0wcase 0r bla bla bla ,,

<3 beli kp0p stuff yg k0rang nak kt kp0psh0p n beli secara 0n9 ,

<3 perasan artist k0rea yg k0rang minat 2 ,,bias 0r b0yfriend k0rang lha ,,ini lha itu lha kan ?

<3 pen0h lagu,,ph0t0 n vide0 k0rea dlm lapt0p 0r henf0n dye0rang

<3 then ,,beli 0r c0llect p0ster n tampal lha kt r00m wall smpai x de space dah wall 2 !

<3 pasang lagu k0rea kt bl0g

<3 sebel0m tid0 p0n dgr lagu k0rea

<3 belajar menari n bahasa k0rea

<3 hate s0me0ne wh0 anti-kp0p ,right ?

<3 ikuti fesyen k0rea yg terkini

<3 nak gile pegi k0rea,,XD aq p0n nk pegi ,,had00ii ~

                       :)       k,,bye ,,yay ~ aq p0n same mcm k0rang lha ,,n0thing's different ! :)


yaaaa ! t0m0rr0w i'm n0t g0 t0 sch00l ,,bahagia nya ,,haha ~hapa lha ,# jgn tiru saya ya ,,XD ..yay! c0z tadi my parents aq 0ffer aq nk sk0lah ke x es0k ,,! # bukan maen baik lagi ,,haha ,,yaa ! they have an0ther re0s0n lha,!

                                                             mak aq ckp cmnie ngn aq !

0mma : dekk ! es0k sk0lah x ? haa ~ jalan tengk0t2 tu ,~ nnti cucuk nanah 2 kang dye mas0k kt tulang kang
             gi klinik d0kter rafi x ?

aq : wae ? # bajet speaking k0rea ngn mak aq ! kau hadee ? XD ,, haa ? x nak lha pegi klinik ~ bukannye
      mende p0n ,,sikit jee ~ # muka bajet suci je time 2 ! XD

0mma : nie haa,, es0k appa pegi kursus ,,then ,,ibu gi 0utstati0n ade keje ~ x pegi lha ! sape nk ambek nnti ?

aq : ea ? # smbil senyum gedikk ~ 0keyh ,,0n je ~ XD

0mma : suk0 deh ~ klaw kak zura x b0le ,,c0z dye keje ~ary jumaat sk0lah x ? appa x balek lagi time 2 ,,
            tapi ibu ade !  tapi k0l 6 ibu ade dinner kt seremban # majlis perpisahan !

aq : hee ~    x yah lha ,,~

0mma : arass0 # mak aq ckp k0rea lha ngn aq ! haha ~ <-- mak aq speaking k0rea ngn aq ? aig00 ~ bukan
            lha ,,saje2 je ..l0l

yaww ~ i'm al0ne right n0w, 0mma aq pegi antar appa aq pegi urut japp ,,# kt blakang klinik , <-- 2 p0n nk
cite kan ,,? haha~ then mak aq 0ffer aq lagi !

0mma : dekk ,! nak ik0t x ?

aq : haa ? x nakk lha ! # sambil buat muka **** ,,XD

0mma : x tak0t ? klaw x ibu antar pegi umah kak zura ~,nak ?

aq : x nakk lha ,,ape nak tak0t ,,? #dh biase dah ,,haha ~ # smbil buat muka bajet ,, <3
k,,es0k ,,x sek0lah ,,s0 b0le 0n9 puas2 ,,! use ur 0pp0rtunity wisely ~ XD  ,,haa uolls ,,actually ,es0k kt sk0lah ade event ,,penyampaian hadiah k0kurikulum cam 2 lha ,,haha ~ yupp ,,es0k aq dpt pingat c0z menang chess ,,j0han uolls ,,# eh ,,x bajet p0n lha ,,hape lha ,,peringkat sk0lah je p0n ,~ hah ~ malass lha nk pegi ,~

then pagi tadi lpas abes perhimpunan , ade lha ustaz mazlan # eh ,,ustaz aq ke 2 ? XD dye bagi ann0uncement jap kat student2 nie ,,!

ustaz mazlan : haa ~ k0rang datang es0k ,,# perkataan WAJIB x dengar lha pulakk ,,XD ! klaw sape                     yg  mintak pingat dye kt saya ,,DREAM 0NLY DREAM jelha ,<-- # ayat 2 aq lha tambah ,                   ,,XD !    sebab pingat k0rang akan diletak dlm bilik guru sampai bila2 ,,haha ~ # nk ugut
                     kite0rang k0n0n ,,haiyaa ~ ada juga 0rg ini macam kaa ?? :)
                                     awak2 ,, i have set this ph0t0 as my ph0ne wallpaper,,aig00 ~ <3

k,,bye nk teng0k cite k0rea kt maaduu jappp ,,  :3

Selasa, 8 November 2011


hell0 hell0 ~ yaww #peace ,, 0kay ,t0day aq d0k umah n bla bla ,yaww ,,nk taw x ? #x nak taw sudaa .! semalam aq dh main skipping , # 2 p0n nk cite ,,haha ~ dh berzaman aq x main skipping ,,hapa mimpi tah tetiba aq nk main smalam ,# nk slim kat per0t aq yg makin memb0r0i ni,,asyek makan tid0 ,makan tid0 jaa ~ # iye ,,dlm pr0ses nak kur0s ,kur0s n kur0s kan badan , n aq dh beazam makan just time sarapan n air k0s0sng jee  ,,haha  ~ baru mula semalam uollss , ~ hapa lha ,,

k,,bye nk blaahh,,nk bukakk cerpen & n0vel 0n9 pulakk ,,,

                                              g0maw0 ,,chinguu ~

Isnin, 7 November 2011

n can u smile ????

      yay ! ni bukan anak L ! aig00 ~ time nie dye pegi umah anak2 yatim ~ cute kan ,? 0key ,taw dah ,haha~

                h0ya n L in the h0use ~ # 0keyh ,,dye0rang buat muka aegy0 japp ,,haha~ # n this ph0t0 has been in my f0n ,,haha ~

                                             this ph0t0 t00 has been in my f0n,~ jinjjae ? ~

                                                       n this sungj0ng (maknae) leader gyu !

                                                 yaa ! that's en0ugh ,,i'm dying here .~ 0_o

happy aidiladha ~ <-- bet0l ka nie ?

0kee ~ taw gamba 2 bur0k ,,s0 diam ,,haha ~ gamba aq pakai baju pink nie ,,time raye ,haha ~ 0kay ,aq ngaku aq mmg x hingin p0n mas0k gamab kt FB ,,but kt bl0g b0le ,,haha ~ c0z ,,x nak jual muka kt FB ~ haha #please

yay! ain gem0k dh balek asrama ,,iyelha ,next week nk spm ,,besttt w00 ,~ pas2 habis sek0lah,,. 0h my dear allah .sy0kk gile ,,aq ni asal lha lambat kuar !,-- paham x ? haha ~

k,,tadi aq pegi kub0r arwah ayah aq !  tadi ade snap2 gamba sbl0m gi kub0r ,,iyelha kt dlm kete ,,x kan kt kub0r pulakk ,,had0ii  ~,tapi x leyh mas0k lapt0p ,,asal tah ! WTF ~ then ,,pegi umah nenek kt sg.2 japp ..pas2 balek umah ,#0key taw cite aq  ntah hape hape s0 ntah lha ~

 yay ! tadi aq tid0 lame gile #haha ~ 2 p0n nk cite ,,yupp ,, aq suke tid0 ,,nikmat nye , <3

k,,es0k x sek0lah ,,,k,,bye ,,nk carik pasal ngn akak aq japp !  , # b0ring gile

azyra ,,pi tid0 ,,haha~

Jumaat, 4 November 2011

# gedikss japp ea !

                                                 all ab0ut me ~

<3 i l0ve sleep ,,

<3 lepas g0s0k gigi ,, x nak makan dah ,

<3 i'm a shy girl 

<3 yeah ~kp0p die hard fan 

<3 like stay at h0me ,,klaw  1 week x kuar p0n xpe ! 

<3 like ballade n jazz song 

<3 thing that i must bring in my bag is headphone ,but not in school lha ,!

<3 x suke snap gamba # i don't kn0w why

<3 love cool blue n mysterious black 

<3 don't like watch eng film ,except korean drama ,,

<3 x sah klaw x dengar lagu korea even sehari like my oxygen ,l0l

<3 x suke boyfriend n x de boyfriend ,geli ~

<3 i don't know about europe singer , song n bla bla bla 

<3 first thing that i do after wake up is off my ph0ne alarm cl0ck 

<3 my fav0urite local singers are stacy n aliff satar

<3 "                        " act0r n act0ress are nazim othman n tiz zaqyah 

<3 bef0re eat ,,i must wash my pinggan n kutleri even have done wash it 

<3 x sah ,, if i not open my FB even via mobile phone

<3 my chingu said to me ,that my face look up korean pe0ple ,,n lee min h0 ,XD

<3 alat music that i most admirer is piano 

<3 i like bl0gwalking ~

<3 n lastly ,saya tampal p0ster kp0p gr0up at my wall r00m ,

<3 i wwajib wash up my face every day ,#n0t c0rmf0rt with0ut it 

<3 my handph0ne full with kp0p s0ng , video n ph0t0s

<3 first thing that i open if i 0n9 is : FACEB00K 

<3 i must buy an ep0p (k0rean magazine ) every m0nth 

k,,,,papaiii ,,kamsahamnida f0r read it ! <3

g0maw0 ~  g0maw0 my chingu ,,c0z y0u give me what i d0n't kn0w ab0ut infinite n L , ! yay ~ <3.. yup ,i've d0ne f0ll0w y0u ~

annye0ng !

hye chingu ! nk taw s0mething x ? hee ~ tdi aq saje2 lha nk dtg sk0lah ,,b0ring d0k umah ~ nk tau x bape 0rg dtg ?  aq s0rang je bhai yg dtg ,,iyelha budak p0mpuan ,,klaw laki 3-4 0rg cam2 lha ,,yg 2 p0n d0k asrama ,,mestilha wajib dtg ,,! yg lain" innalillah "! kt alam mane p0n aq x tau ! haha ~ klaw cm2 baik aq x yah dtg ,,ntah guru kelas aq catit kdatangan tah x ! tadi aq lepak lha kt kelass f0rm 2 ,,siap pasang lagu k0rea lgi kt situ  ,,~ haha ! ,bdak2 ni mengade bet0l lha ,nk bluet00th lha ,,nk bracess aq lha ,! haha ~` yg dye0rg mintak lagu kt aq 2 lagu k0rea bhai ,,x leyh blah je muka dye0rg ,! haa ! pas2 ,,adelha minah s0rang nie ,,buat henset aq mcm harta sendiri ,,sukehaty dye je bluet00th byk lagu ,aq rase nk dekat 100 lagu dye ambek ,,pas2 ,,(hangin bet0ll lha ) ,.,ade ke dye ambek gamba L ,klaw satu x pe ,,nie 2-3 keping dye ambik ,,WTF !

yay ! tadi aq dh beli ep0p lha ,! thanks uncle ,,haha ~ naseb baek byk lagi ,,dlm 5-6 buah buku lagi lha ,!   0kay ,,aq dh khatam bace buku ep0p tadi ,,pas beli ter0s bace ,haha ~swear makin lame makin b0ring ep0p ,,! mianeii ahjussi ! hee ~

mlm nie ade anugerah skrin ,es0k mlm ade AIM pulakk ,,aig00 ~ pen0h jadual aq ,! busy cam nie ! haha~XD !

yay ! es0k nk gi facial muka japp ,hee ~ jerawat suke sgt d0k kt muka aq nie ,! # ann0ying bet0l lha ,,haha ~ <3

AZYRA ,,KAU HUPDATE ENTRY KT BL0G ,,PASAL KAU JE ,,~ X YAH TANYE N BAGI S0ALAN KAT 0RANG ,,NIE BUKAN TWITTER LHA n bukannye ramai f0ll0wer p0n ,,haha !   tulis je pape <3 ,,k,,bye ~

Khamis, 3 November 2011


Hye uollss,,,,raye haji dh nk dtg ape persiapan korg ???x gi mane2 ke...???

jinjjae ??

annye0ng ~ awak !! ,,cite s0ffiya dh nak tamat lha ,,iyelha ,, next week abis lha ,,hari selasa ,,tg0k taww ! # peace ,,myampah gile saya ngn fi0na 2 ,,hakhak..x reti nk insaf2 lgi ,,yelha ,,siap sur0h kamal 2 div0rce kan s0ffi ,,aig00 ~ ,,

yaww ~ es0k ain gem0k balek umah ,,iyelha nk samb0t raye ,abg aq p0n balek ,,aig00 ~ ,full rumah aq ,,XD.!

awak ,,kan kite ade p0st pasal drama k0rea brilliant legacy kt bwh 2 kan ? eps dye panjang lha ,,28 eps ,,aisshh ~ kur0s lha aq asyek nangis c0z tg0k cite 2 ,,hakhak..

these week ,,sehari je aq dtg sk0lah ,,ary isnin ,,minggu lpas lagilha ,,harammmm aq nk pegi ,,XD ..!es0k ,,yupp ,,wajib aq pegi sk0lah ,,nk grab ep0p this m0nth (n0v) dkat kedai uncle curry p0int 2 ,,uncle ,,wait f0r me aa ~ ayoyoyo~ haha !

k,,papaii ,nak carik pasal ngn mak aq japp ,,haha ~ <3

Rabu, 2 November 2011

t0tallt n0nsense .,~

awakk ! saye teringin gile lha nak main pian0 ,,haha ~ berangan je lha aimee 0ii ,,alahhh ,, nk main pian0 jgakk ,~ dh lame ngidam nie ,,haha ~ iyelha ,.,.jelezz gilee tg0k 0rg lain main pian0 especially lagu k0rea ,,but never mind lha,,dh habes sk0lah nnti aq pegi blaja ea ,,<3 ,,be patient aimee ,,

k,,papai ,,muah ~

yayy ! lalaalalalaa~

annye0ng ~ awak2 ,,nk tau x ? tadi saya kan x pegi sk0lah ,,,actually ,,saya dh siap2 mandi sume just x pakai baju lagi time nk pegi sk0lah ~ then ,,tibe2 ,farah (my chingu ) call aq ,,yeah ~ s0 weird lha time 2 .!dye ckp cmnie ..

farah : hell0 ,,ni aimee ea ?
saya : a'ah ,,ni aq ,
farah : aimee ,,kau kt umah ea ?
saya : a'ah ,,kt umah lg nie ? asal ?
farah : weyh,kau x yah gi sk0lah lha ..
saya : weyh ,,asal lakk ,,aq dh mandi dh haa ,~
farah : aq dh pegi sk0lah tadi ,,aq s0rang2 je kt sane ,,c0z dye0rg sume gi kem lha ,!,x yah pegi lha ,
saya : 0kay ~ #bahagia nye   <3

then ,,aq p0n ape lgi ,,samb0ng lha tid0 balek ,,yeah ,,i'm a heavy sleep ~

awak2 ..kite dh tukar lagu baru lha kt bl0g nie ,,x perasan ,,? dh diam ,,~
uhh,,kye0pta nye lagu nie~

awak2 ,,awak ade tg0k cite k0rea x time ni ? alahh ,,cite brilliant legacy ,,kt tv8 ,k0l 3-4 .ptg ,,ary isnin smpai jumaat ,~ cite 2 sedeyhh gile awak ,,nangis saya tg0k ,~ dh lha ,,lee seung gi ade ,,awww <3 ,,yaww.(peace)
            # teng0k taww ,,hari nie dh mas0k eps 13 ,,x taw lha bape eps,!
,,k,,papaii ,muah ~

Selasa, 1 November 2011

n0thing but s0mething ~

annye0ng ~ awak ,,asal FB  saye makin lame makin lembab ,,? ee,,rimas gile ,,lagu p0n sl0w gile ,,mcm x makan je ,~ #menyampah bet0l lha ,,mas0k virus ke ? alahh ,,jgnlha ,,virus ni pulakk mcm x de lapt0p lain nk mas0k ,,asyek2 lapt0p aq je ,,# taw lha lapt0p aq nie best ,,XD..

awak 2,,nak taw x ? #awak memang x nak taw p0n ! hhaaha ~ sazah khairah ,,alahh warden aq time kt maahad dulu dh passed away ,,aq p0n mcm x caye ,time aq dgr berita 2 p0n ,,sh0cked gile .. kwn aq ckp sazah ade tum0r kt 0tak n sakit saraf ,.~ dye passed away pagi smlam #pagi isnin , yee ~ ,,i'm sad right n0w ,

haha ~ tadi aq x pegi sk0lah ,,b0ring gile si0t ,,smalm aq pegi sk0lah ,,geng diba je lha yg dtg ,yg lain ,,x yah cite lha ,,0ntah2 ,,terbungkang laei kt umah ,,~ dh lha aq x ngam sgt ngn dye0rg ,,just biase2 je lha,budak laki pulakk bape ek0r je yg dtg ,~ smalm p0n ,,kite0rg t0l0ng cikgu tande kertas budak2 nie ,,# buat lha muka suci time 2 kan ! haha ~ actually ,cikgu yg suruh t0l0ng ,,bukannye kite0rg yg nak ,

yay !! awak2 ,,es0k saya n farah nk beli ep0p ,,x saba dh nie ,wait f0r me ,~ hee ~

awak2,,nk tau x ? skarang nie ,,saye tgh h0t tg0k cite NADA CINTA ,,swear best gile cite 2 ,,even dulu aq kutuk2 ,,haha ~ dh laa act0r dye cute2 ,,especially vit0 ,,hee ~

es0k nk sk0lah ke x ? yelha2 ,,aq pegi ,,XD ,,k,papai ~muahh ,miss L  l0t ,,  :3

Jumaat, 28 Oktober 2011

bye bye infinite ~

annye0ng ,,awak ,kite dh 0rder ph0nestrap kt kwan kite lha ,,yay ! iyelha ,,ph0nestrap infinite ,,sape lgi ? haha ~

mcm nie ^o^

    cute x ?? mestilah ,,haha ~ tapi mesti mahal kan ,,ahh ! x kisah lha ,,janji ade ! ^o^

awak2 ,,dh seminggu kite x pegi sk0lah ,yeah ,,maybe it n0t weird f0r an0ther sch00l ,,kan ? iyelha ,,sayang ,,saye nie sk0lah agame ,,amek sehari je p0n cuti ,tpi x pe,,x payah ganti ,,haha ~ aq s0rang je yg cuti seminggu kt sk0lah 2  ,! #buat sk0lah mcm sk0lah bapak aq ,haha ~

awak2 ,,tadi kite tg0k mubank taw ,,#iye,,every friday ,,mmg wajib aq teng0k ,,!  petang tadi ,,infinite buat g00dbye stage ,lagu paradise n be mine !,aig00 ~ sedih gile ,,but kt inkigay0 ,,dye0rg dh buat last week ,,!sedih bhai ,! time aq tg0k 2 ,,pening kepala aq ,,iyelha ,,manenye x ! camera 2 berspin-spin ,#kau ingat ni washing machine ke ? ,, i think that cameraman was drunk ,,mab0k lha tuh ,~haha ~ tpi x pe ,,naseb baek L c0mel tadi ,,rawwrr,~ i miss him a l0t ,,muahh *gedikss jap ,~

k,,bye ,,i have t0 wake up early t0m0rr0w ,,c0z i wanna g0 t0 pasar sabtu ! wanna j0in me ?haha ~ muah ~

Selasa, 25 Oktober 2011

happy deepavali f0r 0rg yh menyamb0tnye ,,ngehee ~

                awak awak ,,malam tadi ,,fulamakk ~ melent0ng2 bunyik merc0n ,,taw laa ekau ray0 ,,!!! x b0le tid0 kau tau x ?? ,,! mcm w0rld war pulakk ! ,

0kay ,,# b0ring nk mamp0s ,,x taw nk buat ape haa ! ,yup ,aq mmg x mandi lagi ,,haha ~ malass beb ,! mcm haremm ~ haha..dh nak puk0l 12 tghari haa ,,awak2 ,,kite kan suka sgt cite nada cinta awk ,,hee ~ wala0pun dulu aq selal0 kut0k2 cite ni ,,lastly ,,i'm addicted 0f it ,,haha ~ape p0n x b0le ,!serius , best gile ,,dh laa ade randy ,,ngehee ~*gedik jap ea .? even her0in dye x lawa p0n, mamp0s la,,janji cite best ,,tapi satu je aq pnyamaph ngn cite ni n cite ind0n yg lain laa kan ,,lembab gile siall ,,iyelha ,,kau bayangkan ,,dye x ckp time 2 ,,but ade backgr0und musik,, mcm haremm ,,! last2 tg0k jam ,,dah nk abess,,

awak2,harini kite pegi umh nenek kite ,,iyelha ,,b0ring d0k umah ,,s0 melepak la kt sane ,,even x hape2 kan ,alahh ,,balek sungai 2 je p0n #0kay ,,saye sedar kamp0ng kite x fam0us mcm kamp0ng awak kan ? haha ~ iyelah smpai sungai 2 p0n x kenal ,,dgn dgn gemencheh laa d0l ,,# klaw gemencheh p0n x k0nal x dapek den nk n0l0ng !! haha ~`

awak2 ,,kite rase malass gile nk pegi sk0lah minggu ni ,,hee ~ kite nk pecah rek0d b0le x ? seminggu x dtg ? haha ~ bukannye buat ape p0n dlm kelass 2 ,,b0ring si0t dtg sk0lah ,,lepak je dlm 2 ,,klaw x p0n ,,kena kemas kelas ke lagi tah pape jadah lah !

FB makin lame makin b0ring ! mcm haremm ,! awak2 ,,kite nk pegi kara0ke laa ,,iyelha ,,wajib laa nyanyi lagu k0rea  ,kite nk kara0ke kt  bahau ,,situ best sikit even mahal kan ,,janji satisfied ! dari kara0ke kt gemass nie ,,mcm haremm je awak ,,dhlaa k0t0r ,pas2 byk lagu yg lame2 mcm lagu jiwang yg dh berkarat ,,haha ~ bukan taste kite lha ,,lgip0n dh byk kali p0n kite pegi ,,! then ,,ramai gile budak laki lepak kt citu ,,x selesa lha kite ,,~ eee,,ann0ying ~

k,,i miss him a l0t ,(kim myung s00 a.k.a L ! k..papai  !muahh ~

Isnin, 24 Oktober 2011

mcm haremmmmmmmmm!

annye0ng ! 0kee ~ saye rase kan awak , menyesal sgt bayar 15 hengget utk pegi h0liday kt utara tuh ,~ mcm haremmm ~ sumpah gile b0ring ~ first,, anissa x pegi *mengade nk meraj0k k0n0n , then ,dh laa aq x rapat sgt ngn budak2 nie ,s0 buat **** je lha ,~ then ,,dh laa pegi ke tempat2 yg memb0ringkan ,~ fulamaakk ,,mmg x d0 k0j0 dah haa,,klaw aq taw laa mcm nie ,,baek aq ik0t my parents ,,pegi camer0n lgi best .~kan awak  ? 0kee ~ mmg x hape2 tah ~ kesian aq kt driver bas 2 ,,haha~ dh laa penat ,,pas2 nk raye deepavali lagi ,,~ 0hh yaa ,pat0t laa b0xing x j0in ,,dye p0n raye deepavali sekali ! mantai dulu lha 2 ,haha ~

awak ,,saye kan malass gile nk pegi sk0lah ,,,2 laa ,,setan byk sgt laa awak ! lgip0n bukannye cikgu situ seb0k,, ! haa,awak ,,kt penang kan,,0kee ,0f c0urse mmg byk gile pelanc0ng dtg kt sane including me ~ *bangga jap ea ! but citu ramai gile pengemis ,,0h my g0d ,,help them ,,aq kt sane p0n rimas c0z dye0rg mintak sedekah ,,aq rase kan,, dye0rg 2 sume bkannye pengemis ,,tapi diculik utk djadikan pengemis c0z aq tg0k dri segi baju ,,el0k jee ,,n bukannye cacat 0r blablabla ,,~ yupp ,,very2 pity them ,,may allah bless them ,,
 0key ,,i miss him (kim myung s00 a.k.a L ) a l0t ! wanna u ? WTF ! haha ~ k,,papai,,

Jumaat, 21 Oktober 2011

meraban japp ea !! x pe ??

            :) i want freed0m like a bird with my friends

            :) i want a best chingu that can help me whenever i need

            :) i want a white skin #0kee,,like L ! XD

            :)  i want slim like L ! HAHA~ 0kee,,he kinda perfect ~

            :) i want t0 be a clever girl

            :) i want s0men0ne like L !!

            :) i want g0 t0 k0rea ~

            :) i want a cute face ~\

            :)  n lastly ,,i want L !!

                             h0pe that my wish c0me true ~ aminn ~

papaii !
                             #m00d skrang mcm nk belasah 0rg ! s0 tired packing bag f0r a suck h0liday !!


Khamis, 20 Oktober 2011

time f0r h0liday really2 suck ~

annye0ng ~ 0kee *inbad m00d !

yaa ! annisa !! kau pegi ke x r0mb0ngn es0k ?? alahh ,,buat **** je dgn cikgu yg bjet h0t 2 !! pegi lha,,~ sape nk dud0k sblah aq nnti dlm bas ?? haa ,,kt h0tel,,sape nk tid0 ngn aq ??,,waa !!  farah dud0k ngn intan ,,iyelha,,bestfriend dye kan ,,~ alaahh,,sur0h lha mak kau mintak balek henf0n kau kt n0ras ,,~ ckp ngn dye nnti mcmne mak kau nk call kau time kau h0liday nnti kan?? .mezti dye kasi #klaw punye hati per0t lagi lha,,alahh ,,pegi lha *yeah ~ i'm begging y0u !! please ,,! pathetic me !

aq p0n x de m00d skarang .es0k dh nk pegi dah ~ ya allah #give me s0me strength !

nk taw x ?? tadi aq pegi bet0lkan my bracess yg tercab0t 2 !! aq pegi kt klinik mak aq lha,,iye~ #klinik gemass je p0n  ,,! haaha~s0,, aq x pegi sk0la laa kan <~ kau ade ??,n time 2 ,,ya allah ,,ade asst,d0ct0r 2 hensem gile  ,,but hensem L lagi kan ,,haha ~ d0kt0r kuala pilah 2 ,,dh tukar d0kt0r baru ,,,mcm harammmmmmm! aq x suke lha h0spital 2 ,,mcm lha bag0sss sgt,,mak aq p0n keje klinik ,,sister lagi,,tapi x de lha bajet h0t mcm k0rang kan !!haha ~ iyelha ,,k0rang marah x klaw d0kt0r 2 ckap gigi k0rang bus0kk ? #mul0tmcm l0ngkang !
hey !! s0rry g0s0k gigi hari2 ea ! kum0r2 ngn listerine lagi ,,kau ade ??!
dye ckp mcm nie :
d0ct0r ***** : dek ,,kamu x g0s0k gigi bersih aaaa,,!!mul0t bus00kk ,,!!kite x dapat nk t0l0ng !! ha ~ tg0k ,,fly p0n dtg ~
 eee,,ya allah ,,geram nye aq ngn d0kt0r 2,,kau 2 mcm lha perfect sgt,,keje dh lha lembab ,,c0z selalunye d0kt0r lain yg buat ,#dye just d0kt0r ganti je ,,c0z d0kt0r dulu 2 ambek cuti ~!
n aq trnmpak lha ,,nurse veteran yg dh nak mamp0s tergelak kan aq ,,~ #kau 2 entah ade gigi lagi ke x kn !
0wh ~ lupe ,,kau gune p0lident kan ?? haha~
dh lha klaw aq lmbat ckit ,,sume nurses yg nk mamp0s pegi marah aq ,,~ w0ii ,,kau ingat aq ni terbang ke ?? weyh ,,aq yaw lha umah kau dkat ! aq ja0h nk mamp0s ,,2 jam bhai nk smpai sane ,,time aq dh smpai ,,d0ct0r p0n bel0m smpai,,mcm harammmmm..kau 2 nurse je p0n ,,d0ct0r p0n xde lha kerek sgt mcm 2 !!

  k,,papai ~

Isnin, 17 Oktober 2011

# freed0m like a bird 0r be ann0ying with my suck teachers f0r this h0liday ?? 0whh # really2 tired f0r this freakin questi0n ! ,!

yaa ! i w0nder ,,wanna f0r h0liday in 3 places at kedah,perlis,penang 0r camer0n ,?? in my tweeters ,,n0 s0me0ne want t0 help me ,,#maybeitn0timp0rtantf0rthem ,,right ??

why i be like that n request an answer fr0m y0u ?? c0z if i g0 t0 the 3 places,,yee ~ kinda ann0ying c0z i must wear a muslimah cl0thes ..n tud0ng lab0h ,,uurgghh!! s0 ann0ying ,,n if i g0 t0 camer0n ,,yeah i will happy at there c0z i'm freed0m want t0 fashi0n like this 0r like that ~ ,, yup ,,at 3 places with my classmates n little sch00lmates als0 with very2 ann0ying teacher ,,n in camer0n ,,i freed0m like a bird n can g0 anywhere which i admire with my parents,,!

k ,,thats all f0r t0day ~ 0r may i cancel this h0liday trip ,,?? haha ~ please ,,i will never !! i must ch00se 0ne ASAP ,!!
papaii ,,muahh~

haha ~ nk terkeluar anak tekak aq c0z laughing !! 0kee,thats s0 funny ,,n t0tally cute ~

Sabtu, 15 Oktober 2011

annye0ng ~

alalalalla ~ haha ~ i'm al0ne h0me * asyek ulang ayat nie jee,,* ,,,my parents gi tg0k ain gem0k kt semban ,,aq malas n ik0t ,,0n9 lagi bagus kan ,,haha ~

urrgghh !! es0k sek0lah ,,mcm haramm ,,x pe ,,*i think this friday g0 h0liday ,,n0thing t0 w0rry laa,,hee ..

yaa ! i'm a stalker..especially L ,,hee~


annye0ng ! bad m00d ~ ann0ying gilee !!

annye0ng !! *tgh nk kump0l f0ll0wer byk2 nie * .,haha ~

jap2 nk cite laa ,,nk taw laa ade laa s0rang cikgu kt sk0lah aq nie kan bajet h0t k0n0n ,,0h my g0d !! give her whatever laa !! aq makin menyampah ngn dye ,<!! *smpai aq bl0ck dye jdik rakan kt fb ! serve y0u right ~
-ary jumaat yg indah laa sgt ~
izzati bwk netb00k gi sk0lah ,,iyelaa b0ring laa katekan ,,c0z finished PMR kan ,,klaw kau p0n bwk kan ~
time 2 rehat ,,aq ,,amin,,afizz,,jannah n intan dud0k laa dlm bilik cikgu r0sma * bilik disiplin ,,n kite0rg dh mintk permissi0n dh dri cikgu r0sma,,c0z time 2 dye nk pegi kuar jap ,,
suddenly ,,aq trnmpak laa kelibat 2 makhluk asing yg bajet h0t melintas kt bilik 2 n tibe2 ,,:
ckgu yg bajet h0t nk mamp0s : haa ~ kau buat ape kt dlm bilik 2 ?? bkak lapt0p cikgu sesuka hati!! dgn cikgu nye x de kt dlm !!  *tibe2 dye jerit : keluar !! keluar !! keluar saye ckp !! * ya allah ,,mcm nk pekak tinge aq dh time 2 !! dh laa jerit kuat ,,sblah 2 pulakk bilik guru * hurrmm ,,mcm x de maruah jee jerit smpai cikgu laki p0n dgr ,,*klaw sedap x pe jgk !
pas 2 ,,amin n afiz p0n kuar ,, aq ,,intan n jannah x kuar lgi c0z nk tut0p netbook 2 dulu !! pas 2 dye p0n blaa ngn bestfriend dye 2 kan !! *syg juliati 4 ever ~* eeeuuww ,,muntah hijau ~
 ya allah ~ sesedap hati dye jee nk tud0h2 kite0rg !! klaw ye p0n tanye laa dulu ,,!! nie x ,,~ mcm sek0lah tu bapak kau yg punye ~ hey ~ s0rry ckit ,,kite0rg bwk sndiri punya lapt0p ,,s0rry laa nk pinjm2 0rg lain punye ea ~  kite0rg p0n taw laa mne bur0k n baik ,,x de laa smpai nk curik2 bkak lapt0p cikgu c0z nk teng0k fb jee!!
* panas nye *..~
pas 2 sazah r0sma p0n balek sk0lah n pegi laa kelass kite0rg !!
sazah r0sma : kenapa ??
kite0rg : kena marah laa !!
sazah r0sma :kenapa ??sape ??
kite0rg : ngn sazah n0ras * nk ckp name dye p0n aq x hingin laa wei ,* ,,ntah dye ,,tibe2 jee halau ,,!! mcm haramm !!
sazah r0sma : heiisshh ! susah laa sk0lah k0rang nie !!*time sazah r0sma dgr name sazah n0ras ,,dye buat muka * mympah * ,,c0z dye p0n myampah ngn n0ras !! iyelaa ,,bajet perfect k0n0n !!
pas 2,,ustaz hazwan lalu pulakk  ,,, kt dpan kelass!!
ustaz hazwan : hahaha~ padan muke kena marah !! *smbel buat tgn tande bagus*
kite0rg : ustazz jahat !!!eeeeeeeee!!~

heyy !! ya allah ,,asal laa aq dpt ckgu cm 2 ?? wae wae wae ??? *rase mcm nk pindah jee dri sk0lah 2 !!!

yeee ~ aq dh tukar lagu baru ,,lagu ft island ,,heartache ,,sedih kan lagu dye ?? hee ~

nk pegi ke x r0mb0ngn sek0lah haa ??*lgip0n x byr lgi .!! c0z family aq p0n ade r0mb0ngn jgk rukun tetangga taman yg buat ,n pada hari yg same,lgi best ,,kt camer0n ,,bkan mcm kt sek0lah 2 ,,pegi kamp0ng jee ..*0wh lupe,,x ckup bajet laa katekan ,,! aq malas nk pegi r0mb0ngn sek0lah c0z cikgu bajet h0t 2 p0n pegi sekali ,,mengade !! nk men0mpang je keje ,,!! n sume cikgu yg bajet h0t kt sk0lah nie pegi sekali !! ya allah ,,mghalang bet0l ,,time kt sk0lah nk bajet h0t , x cuk0p lgi kee ?? smpai kite0rg nk pegi jalan2 p0n nk bajet h0t lagi ???!! n0thing t0 said anym0re ~

0kee ,, aq dh lame x 0n9 c0z lapt0p nie buat hal !! c0z pendrive x b0leh mas0k ,,*mengade *,,!!seminggu 2 bhai aq x 0n9 ,,!!mcm 0rg gile ~  aq p0n tg0k jelaa tv ,,! iye * bkenaan kp0p je laa ,,* hee ~(gedikk jap),,

k ,,papai ,,muahh ~

Isnin, 10 Oktober 2011

suck ~

annye0ng !!

0kee ~ taw k0rang dh abez PMR kan ~ tapi aq bl0m ,,waa ~ !! sian kann ,,haa ~(please ) ,,iye ~ aq ambek ,,,rajin sgt laa katekan ,,0mg !! tdi math ahh,,~ x dpt nk ckp dh nie ,,,ntah ,,laa ,,~ minatk2 laa aq dpt c ,,ameenn ~!! HAHA~ yay ~ es0k last paper,,

tadi aq b0rak laa kan ngn my 0mma ,,tetibe dye ckp mcm nie :

0mma : senang x math tadi ?
aq : hurrmm (just angg0k kepala) ,,(dlm hati ,,0h my g0d ,,mcm nk siat2 je paper math 2 !! HAHA ~)
0mma : nk kasik ibu bape ?? A ?? 6??
aq : entah laa ( sambel buat muke ****)
0mma : satu A 50 ea ~( sambel buat jari,, mcm 0rang mintk hutang )~
aq : 50 hengget je ?? ( mcm laa aq dpt byk sgt A) HAHA ~ 100 hengget laa ,,buat ape 50 ??
0mma : 0kay 100 ea !
    haha ~ waa !! aq just target 7 a jee ,,math dh lame aq target x dpt A ,!! yg lain 2 insyaalah ,,!!

yay !! aq pegi lawatan sk0lah with my chingu's 21 ary bulan laa,,yupp ,,bulan nie laa,,~ HAHA ~ bag0s buat awal2 !! HAHA ~ mane laa taw ,,tawn nie pulakk budak2 nie nk berhamb0ss dri sk0lah aq nie kan kan ,,!!

!!! es0k kena antar buku teks ,,!! mcm haramm kena bwk buku teks byk gi sk0lah ,,L help me (gedik jap) ,,HAHA ~ yupp ,,like nerd girl ,~

infinite !! chukhae ~ c0z w0n an award 0n inkigay0 yesterday !! 0kee ~ y0u all very w0rk hard n0t like me ~ hee ~!! yupp !! mmg best laa dye0rang punye lagu paradise 2 ,,hee ~ ( smpai t'bwk bwk menyanyi time ambek exam math tadi !! HAHA~ 2 laa ,,addicted sgt ngn infinite ~

yaa !! i'm tearing yesterday c0z y0u w0n ,,but i have an0ther reas0n why i'm tearing 0f y0u ,,L !! yyaa !! c0z i've kn0w that many girls admire y0u very much ,,since y0u p0pular with y0ur single " paradise " ,,!! arass0 ~ mmg i je0l0us sgt ,,especially wh0 admire L !! yup ,,but i'm n0t satisfied with girl wh0 admire him c0z 0f his cute face n cute v0ice ,,kan ,,~ k ,papaaii  ,muahh

Ahad, 9 Oktober 2011

annye0ng !! aisshh ~ t0m0rr0w math paper laa pulakk..~(menyampah ) ,,dh laa aq x penah lul0s math ,,last aq lul0s time upsr ,,2 p0n dpt B je ,.kau ade ?? HAHA !!
khb ,,haramm !! klaw aq rajin aq bace tpi kejap je,,pas bace buku ,,buku 2 lakk bace aq ,,! sengal ~ ,,n tuesday ,,yay !! b,arab ,,0kee thats my fav0urite subject ,,never ann0ying ,,HAHA !!

yay !! i'm al0ne h0me n0w ,,2 sebab laa aq 0n9 ,,klaw 0mma n appa ade umah ,,haramm aq nk 0n9 ,,!! parents aq pegi segamat laa ,,,gi byar bill pemende tahh ,,!! 0kee,never mind ,,lpas selasa aq dh merdeka (merdeka laa sgt ,,result x dpt agi ,,spm lgi laa) ,,b0le lah aq 0n9 smpai muakk ,,!! hee ~ pas PMR nnti aq buat hias bl0g aq lawa2 ea..smpai k0rg je0l0us ,,

yess man!! aq dh tukar lagu baru dlm bl0g aq nih,, hee ~ c0mel x lagu 2 ,,heee ~ (x nk bagitaw lagu sape ) !! HAHA ~

k,,fighting aimee in PMR  ,,especially in math ,,lul0s p0n jadi laa,,k,,papai ,,muahh ~

Jumaat, 7 Oktober 2011

ape ape ape ???

aiisshh !!jijjae,,~ yaa !! i did't watch mubank yet !! arrghh ,,s0 many challenge when i want watch it  :             :)my appa ph0ne ringing ,,s0 i get up the ph0ne cause my appa get bath ,,

           :) then ,,my h0me bell ringing ,,s0 ,,i 0pen the d00r with my angry bird face,,!! lucky cause i kind kan ??,,HAHA,

            ;)  n then ,,this made me angry n angry ( red h0t face )!!cause my 0mma change kbs channel t0 BAJET 2011!! haha ~  60 tah0n baru dpt pencen bhai,,, tulang dh rep0t p0n haa ~ hee ~
                 yaa!! that time was infinite perf0mance laa,,,!! ann0ying je,~ but never mind laa,cause mubank wil lulang n ulang !! i can qada' it at 10 p.m ,,!!HAHA~

yaa !!  infinite g0t n02 in mubank !!never mind davichi ,,!! cause i will get back ur award f0r infinite next week,, watch 0ut !!,, pemende laa sgt davichi 2 !! hrp fan club jee ramaii !~  WTF !!  t0tally ann0ying ~

infinite ~ fighting !! yaa !! wh0 kinda admire sgt L 0f infinite ?? next week ,, we take back that award fr0m davichi k ?? HEE ~ im n0t satisfied lha with davichi ,,!! but never mind ,,cause their v0ice p0n sedap jgk ,,!!  mmg pat0t p0n dye menang this week !! but d0n't w0rry infinite ,,cause inkigay0 kan ade this sunday right ?? s0,,fighting ,,!! i'll pray f0r y0u all ,,,XD

yay !! i'm al0ne in h0me ~ kinda b0red ,,x taw nk buat ape lgi haa ~ my 0ppa n 0mma dinner laa,,but d0n't w0rry cause i dinner with L ,,, HAHA ~ dream 0nly dream ,,!!  XD

suck !!! next week math in PMR !! 1 haramm x bajar lgi bhai !~ HAHA,,lol ,,aq target C jee p0n,,x harap sgt laa dpt B ,,lul0s p0n jadi lha,,~

k,,papai,, muahh ~

Khamis, 6 Oktober 2011

all ab0u L # ~

                                                ALL AB0UT L !!

 :) he is an awkward guy !!

 :) he is shy b0y

 :) he like c00king

:) he like exercicing (2 sebb dye keding )

:) he like rapping

 :) he like yelling (even kau x nmpak dye jerit kan )

 :) he d0n't like sexy girl

:) he like girl wh0 has a wavy hair

:) he has cute face !!

:) he has cute v0ice !


i'm tired,,iyelaa,,,sehari sunt0k aq r0und y0utube nie,,,dh muntah dah haa ~ HAHA !! 0kee ~ nie vide0 infinite ! # y0u are my 0ppa !!

annye0ng !! WTF !!

annye0ng !! aimee imnida !! yaa !! gedikss laa minah nie,,,~ yay ~ baru abez exam nie !! f0r this week je laa,,0kee ~ aq rase laa kan PMR tawn nie senang laa,,bagi aq laa,,tapi x taw 0rg laen,

 nk taw x ?? smalam kan2 aq lupa bwk i.c,,,hee ~ time exam 2,aq buat muke **** jee,,!! hee ~ smpai laa pengawas 2 dtg ..!!dye cakap cam ni

pengawas : mane i.c ?
aq : dgn selambek jawab ,, hee ~ x bwk (senyum nie bhai)kau berani ??
pas 2 pengawas 2 p0n,,ape lagi ,,!! pegi laa rep0t kt kepala pengawas dye 2 (lelaki laa,,tua ckit ,,hee ~ )
pas 2 kepala pengawas dye ,,ckp x pe !! dye x ckp kt aq ,,dye ckp kt pengawas tadi 2 ..( dye just tunj0k isyarat cakap x pe2 ) hee ~ sebaek dye x halau aq bhai !!! kalu x ?? hee ~ n pas exam ,,budak2 ni saje laa ejek aq ,,

0kee aq baru igt ,,,bef0re benda yg aq cite 2 blaku ,,aq jumpe laa ngn ustz mizan k0s aq x bwk slip PMR jgk,,haa ~ aimee aimee ,,x kan dh nyanyuk k0t ,,!! time 2 aq ,,zati n fakhr0l x bawak taww,,!!  pas 2 kite0rang p0n pegi laa jumpe ustz mizan yg *a*i !! mule dye tanye fakhr0l asal x bwk slip !!
ustz : haa ,,asal x bwk slip
fakhr0l: tetinggal laa ustz
ustz : ape yg kau igt ??
fakhr0l : hee~ (dgn muka sengal dye 2 )
ustz : lain kali bawk hari2 mende 2 !! nie x !! MENYUSAHKAN 0RANG JEE !!!!
pas 2 ustz 2 bagi slip n kite0rang p0n blaa ...
hey !! aq p0n x hingin laa pegi bilik kau 2 !! n aq p0n x hingin laa terhegeh hegeh mintak slip kat kau ,,!!
klaw dh taw kau 2 dtg lmbat ,, x yyah laa nk marah2 kite0rang (k0z time 2 dye dtg lambat GILEE(dh nk puk0l 8 k0t ),,pas 2 ustzh faizah p0n tep0n laa dye,,sebab 2 dye marah kott,,!! dh laa curang !! bini dh lawa nk menggatal lgi !! sedar laa bhai !!  siall !! kau ingt kite0rang ni x de hati per0t kee ?? suke hati kau jee nk kurang hajar !! kite0rg ni anak murid kau jee,,bkannye anak bet0l kau ,,,klaw ank bet0l kau ,,sukehaty kau laa nk buat ape ~ eeee!! tensyen bet0ll...0kee ~ aq respect kau p0n c0z kau 2 cikgu aq ,,!! klaw x ,, x hingin laa wei ,,!!eh sial laa,,puihh !!

aq target kan kan :

b.m --> A

b.i --> A

b.a --> A

ge0 --> A

pai --> A

khb --> A 

sej --> A

sains -- > ???

math -->  C ...0kee ~ nie mmg aq x harap p0n dpt A ,,,i kn0w wh0 i am ,,!!

yaa !! pray f0r mee,,! i h0pe that my wish c0me true !! k,,papaii ,,muahh ! aimee,,fighting !!

Ahad, 2 Oktober 2011

pr0m0 pr0m0 !

annye0ng !! ya ya ya !! aq mmg dh tukar lagu baru ,,hee ~ lagu paradise pulakk ,,,infinite !! lalalala ~~

0kee ~ nk st0ry japp ,,k0rang penah tg0k citer n0 limit x ? alahh,,citer k0rea la,,!!dlm 2 kan u kn0w blak0n ,,,cute gilee ,,!! cam budak kecik ,,hee ~ drama 2 tawn 2009,,yup ,,dh 2 tawn dh,,tue sikit laa,,hhee ~ tpi x pe ,,disbbkan yunh0 tvxq,, aq tg0k jgk ,,!! hee ~

0kee ! nie gamba pr0m0 dye,,cute kann ?? her0 dye ,,ukn0w tvxq n her0in dye k0h ara ,,ntah laa ,,aq p0n x kenal her0ine dye sgt ,,tapi dye c0mel ,,,hee ~ aig00 ~ ukn0w cute sgt laa,,,hee~ geramm !! aq taw cite nie p0n ,,c0z aq tg0k kt 8tv 0n weekend, !! k0l 9 pagi ,,! hee ~ haa ??dye mula cepat ?mmglah ,,n aq p0n trpaksa laa rajin-rajinkan mata q niec0z nk tg0k cite ni pagi2 buta,,even sleepy ,,hee ~ drama ni smpai 16 eps jee,,hey ! aq dh search drama nie kt y0utube laa,,but kt citu x deeps dye laa!! cam haraamm !! urrghh !!tapi kalau k0rang search "heading to the gr0und" maybe ade k0t ..!! try laa ~ iye laa,,!! drama nie ade 2 tajuk laa,,hee~tg0k taw cite nie !!

k,,papaii .!! muahh ~

L !! daebak ~

hye !! 0key ,,skang aq s0rang2 kt umah ,,cam haramm !! haa !! apelgi ?? 0n9 laa br0,,haa~ c0z 0mma n appa pegi antar ain gem0k balek asrama ,,,urrgghh !! b0ring nk mamp0s balek asrama,,!! c0z aq dh penah rasa laa,,d0k maahad dulu !! aq dud0k 2 tawn jee,,nk mati aq d0k sane,,!! 2 tah0n rase mcm 200 tawn (ayat gebang jee !! ) haha ~

what PMR !! ? errgghh ?? that very very suck !! ann0ying jee ,,! aq baru bace b.i n sej ,,math? urrghh !! haramm !! usik p0n x hingin laa,..!! hee ~ aig00~ skarang hujan laa pulakk,,very scared !! c0z aq d0k umah s0rang2 !!x pe !! L kan ade ~~ hee ~ (gedikss japp ) ,,

0m0 !! es0k last sk0lah f0r this year !! hee ~ c0z ary selasa kan exam PMR !!  <-- x suke dgr ayat 2 !!  n then ,,next year aq naek f0rm 4,,~ hee ~ 2 p0n nk cite !! kan ??

0kee ~ aq upl0ad video sume tntang  L laa kt  bawah nie !!!! hee~ iyelaa,,x kan laa vide0 k0rang pulakk ,!!~ c0mel laa dye laugh !! aegy0 !! watch it !!

k..papaii ,,muahh ~

the best 0f L !! WATCH IT !!~ muahh!!

Sabtu, 1 Oktober 2011

annye0ng !!

hye !! 0kee ain gem0k dh balek !! ann0ying jee,,yaa !! cam 0rg gile aq tg0k mv infinite "paradise" ,,,haha ~ excited !! yelaa,,,L kan ade !! haha ~ miss his cute face, his tall,his cute v0ice ,his white skin,,haha ~ he make me bec0me crazy ,,,hee ~ k,,miss him,,s0,,,dah taw kan ?? n shut up !!

shit !! lgi 2 ary n pmr,,ahh !!! cam harammm,,math !! urrgg !!0kee ~ nk taw x ? cikgu ita kan dye nk wat lawatan ke perlis,penang,n genting k0tt..lps PMR!! hee ~ urrgghh !! dh laa kamp0ng !! mahal  lakk dye charge ,,160 hinggit ,,! mane  nk cel0p 160 2 ?? tapi,,aq pegi jgk ,,apelagi mintak laa duit kat 0mma ,,!! haha ~ c0z aq dgr ramaii bebudak nie nk beramb0sss dri sk0lah nie,,kan kan kan,, 0kee ~ bag0s laa 2 !!

gampang laa wifi kt umah nie!! buat hal lagi ,,!! nie x leh bukak laa,,,mengade bet0ll !! terpakse laa aq guna br0adband !! walaup0n lembab !! disebabkan nk tg0k mv baru infinite ,, rajin rajinkanlah !! haha ~

k,,b0ring nk mamp0s skarang ,,fb mcm haramm jee,,,k,,laa kt bwh 2 aq upl0ad mv infinite yg baru ea ,,kt mane ??kt y0utube laa,,x kan kat l0bang hid0ng kau pulakk kan !! hahaa ~title dye "paradise" ,,k,,taw laa sume dh taw lagu nie,,but am i care ?? hahaha~ k papaii,,,k0l 6 nk tg0k perfect match !!  muahh

miss L,, !! muahh,,watch it ~~

Isnin, 26 September 2011

annye0ng,,suck !!

hye ,,,!! ye aq taw x de 0rg dlm nie except me,,kan ,,,yay !! ayni aq x pegi sk0lah laa,,,es0k p0n ,,aq mc 3 ary laa,hee ! c0z aq baru lpas 0perate left breast,,c0z ade lump,,,hee !! x sakit p0n,,time nk abez bedah 2 ,baru rase sakit,,,eeeuuww,,serik laa nk mas0k bilik bedah lgi,,,waaa!!! dh laatime dye 0perate 2,,bau darah kuat,,bus0kk !! pas2,,drah merecik2 kt badan aq,,,n aq x ley mandi f0r 3 days,,c0z tak0t jahitan 2 x trbukak,,eeuuww,,sakit,,,!! 0kee,,i h0pe lump nie x kan tumb0h lagi,,aimee,,fighting ,,!!! b0g0ship0 laa my chingu kt sk0lahh,,haha !! yay !! infinite buat lagu baru laa,,name dye "paradise",,tapi x de laa best sgt ,,,biase jee,,k ,,bye,,muahh ,,lagu baru fr0m davichi ,,"d0n;t say g00dbye " ,,~

Sabtu, 24 September 2011

abracadabra !!

i wish my dream c0me true.!!

..nak kulit putih mcm 0rang k0rea,,kau ade ??

nak cepat abez sk0lah ,,, s0 suffering .,!!

nak gi k0rea with my mr right ..!! wh0 ?

x nak acne ,,hate it,,cepatlaa hilang ,,

nak jumpe my bestfriend AIN,,,,  b0g0ship0 ..!!

want meet infinite with L ..saranghae..!! :p

nak pegi signing aut0graph event infinte,,c0z aq x minat pegi k0nsert,,mcm harammmm!!

nak 0wn netb00k ..ipad p0n b0le jgk !!..sape nk bagi saye,?? i'll kiss y0u !! ~ yum yum,..!

nak mr right 0rang k0rea,,h0pe it,,!!

 nak kuruss !! 0t0ke ??

nk spek besar k0rea...0kee ~ taw kau ade ..s0 ,,shut up !

2 je k0t ...h0pe it c0me true,,amiinn,,,!! 

nak pandai !!

lagi bape ary nk pmr ,,,!! ann0ying ,, ~

i'm al0ne at h0me ,,,want with me ?? heee~

appa n 0mma pegi melaka laa c0z nk jumpe appa punye friend kt h0spital ,,saitt k0tt,,aq malas nk ik0t,, n my reas0n want t0 revisi0n ,,haha ~ s0 babii !!

aq myampah bet0l 0rg yg perasan dye 2 cantekk sgt ,,,weyh ,,sedar laa klaw diri 2 bur0k,, x yah laa nk blagakk lawa sgt smpai nk ph0t0scap gamba kau 2,,nk buat lgi c0mel k0n0n ,,pas2 letak gamba kt fb  ,,,suw0h 0rg puji kau 2 c0mel laa,,,pegi mamp0ss laa 0ii ,,, nk temuntah aq,,~ eeeuuuww,,name 0rang 2 "ainur nabila" searh at fb ,,c0rmfirm ade ..,,<-- this kind girl = my friend at sktar dulu ,,dh berkur0n kur0n aq x jumpe dye,,c0z dye dh pindah ,,dye 2 bukannye cantekk p0n ,, mengedikk n suke rampass kwn aq...mcm haraammm ....t0k ape cel0p ??

ary isnin ,,,aq kena 0perate ,,waa !! tak0t laa,,,painn !! d0akan aq ea,, s0 hari2 nnti  ,,aq x pegi sk0lah laa,hee ~,,k bye,,muahh ~

Khamis, 22 September 2011

c0untd0wn pmr 11 days t0 b00m !! apecherr,,!!

annye0ng !! yay !! mcm hampeh bl0g aq nie,,haramm x de 0rang bace,,x pe ,,klaw aq bagi y0u all bace aq dpt d0sa beganda-ganda kann,,,hee ~ baru balek tusyen khb,,sial !! mula dh laa lambat ,,k0l 3...tapi sejam jee,,

babii laa !! macam mane nk upl0ad gamba ke fb dari henset arr ?? macm haram jee,,dh beribu ribu kali aq cube ,,,0kee,,,skarang nie aq tgh nk rem0ve 0rg dari fb,,thanks sayangss c0z kiss mee,,haha,,,k,,papaii..muahh ~

Sabtu, 17 September 2011

annye0ng !~

yay !!

semalam aq pegi triang,pahang gitu c0z ade kenduri kawen abg ipar aq ...x de laa meriah sgt kenduri dye ,,simple jee,,,pas2 pas abez kenduri 2 ,,kite0rang igtkan nk pegi kiara mall nk tg0k wayang ,,alahh ,,cite hantu b0nceng 2 ,,tapi x jdik c0z dye dh start dulu ,,kite0rang dtg k0l 4..dye start k0l 4:30 ,,cibaii !! kt sane dh laa ramai budak lakii ,,geli aq ,,!! sume dressing mcm cibaii,,kalaw muke hensem x pe,,nie mcm babii !!haha ~ pas 2,,time aq lalu ,,ade laa sek0r mamat nie !!

mamat babii : baaaa !! (k0n0n ,,trpernjat kan aq laa) pas2 membe2 dye p0n gelak cibaii !!
aq: aq p0n jalan laa laju2 smbil bwat muka babi ...
               time 2 dye tgh lepak ngn member2 dye ,,(mcm 0rg menganggur je) haha ~pas2 mak aq p0n tanye aq!
0mma : sape 2 ?kawan kau ea ?
aq : ehh !! bukan laa,,0rang gile mane ntah !!
ain gem0k (akk aq ) : kenapa ? dye buat ape ??
aq : x de pape !!
          gampang !!!
kt mall 2,,aq nmpak laa gsh0ck taw,,lawa gile si0tt,,hage 39.00 hengget ...
0maa : 2 haa ,,jam yg kawan kau pakai 2 ,,(dulu aq cite laa ade kwn aq paki jam gsh0ck)
aq : a'ah
0mma : nak ke ?
aq : x nak laa,,mahal ,,,
  ain gem0k beli jam kale merah ,,9 hinggit jee,, bukan test aq laa,,jam dye kale merah ,,,
n,then kiet0rang p0n pegi laa 0pen h0use kt umah cik yam,,,
  byk gilee mknn ,,,dh laa aq kenyang ,,tpi ,,belasah jee,,haha ~
pas2 ,,cik siti lakk sampai !!

yay !! aq dh teng0k hantu b0nceng laa,,best gilee,,t0k !! ape cel0p ? haha ~
kite0rang langgan astr0 first,,,
hee ~ pas ni nk pegi antar ain gem0k sek0lah ,,,pas 2 gi umah 0pen h0use anti sumah ,,,

es0k sek0lah ,, dh laa h.w x siap ,,,cam babii !!
k,,papaii ,,,muahh ~

Khamis, 15 September 2011

can i smile,, L ??

gampang !!! WTF !aisshh ~ geram jee ngn bdk2 nie yg dpt netb00k ..dh laaa yg sume bangang2 yg dpt !!pemenda tah !! unfair ~iyelaa,,,aq p0n x mgharap sgt laa netb00k kau 2 najib kepala hangit ! setakat netb00k ,,dh laa kecik nk mamp0s ,,nk tkeluar bijik mata aq c0z tulisan dye kan kecik nk mamp0s ,,,!! babi ! x pe ,,tawn dpan aq b0h0ng kt cikgu ea ,,bape gaji mak bapak aq ,,kau teng0k ! dh laa rmai budak sg,klamah yg dapat ,,cam haram jee ,~ kau cube imagine ,,bdak2 yg RAJIN DTG SEK0LAH yg dpat ,,(rajin laa sgt ) ,,hangin2 ,,~ xpe !! mggu dpan aq cube lgi ea c0z ramai dak2 nie yg dh beramb0ss dri sk0lah nie ,,,~

yg aq makin geram 2 ,,iye qila !! aq taw laa kau dpt netb00k ,,.tapi x yah la nk menunjuk2 sgt ,,babiii !!!  aq tg0k zati n jihah p0n dpt,,tapi x de dye buat muka babii mcm kau !! gampang ,,!! x pe ,,nnti cikgu2 sume tg0klah anak2 mruid cikgu r0sak c0z salah guna kan netb00k ea ~ watch 0ut !! ntah2 jual diri kt FB2 0r tg0k p0rn0 vide0 kan2  !!

yay !! arini cuti ,,kau ade  ?? hahaa ~ iyelaa ,,aq taw cuti 1 malaysia ,,thanks najib (baik lak aq )!! yay!! nnti aq tg0k music bank ea !! fighting infinite !! haa~ suju dh mas0k 5 kali menang kt music bank ,,alaaa !! lagu mr,simple 2..~

babii !!  lagi 2 week nk PMR ,,cam haramm jee..dh laa 1 hapak p0n aq x bace buku ,,kau ade ? x de kan ,,hahaha~  mamp0s !!

k,,papaii muahh ~

Ahad, 11 September 2011

annye0ng !!

damn ! sumpah menyampah dgn wifi ! mcm haramm jee,,,~  br0adband lembab nk mamp0s... eeeii,.,ann0ying !!
yay !! smlam aq pegi KL. taw laa k0rang dh berjuta2 kali pegi KL ,, i kn0w wh0 i am ,,! smlam aq pegi damansara c0z abg aq ajak pegi umah lecturer dye ade 0pen h0use ,,0kee ~ when i arrived there,, i sh0cked,.iyelha aq kan jarang pegi KL ,,,jadi sh0cked laa ngn budaya dye0rang ,,,kt sane , p0mpuan dye ramai freehair ,, nk jumpe p0mpuan pakai tud0ng lab0h ,,huhhh !! haram ,,~ x jumpe langs0ng ,,~ n laki kt KL smart laa,,hee ~ gediks jap ea ! kawan abg aq nme dye farid (anak lecturer 2 laa,),,yay !! hensem gile k0rang ,,! dh laa tinggi ,,c0mel ,,smart hands0me ,,pandai ,,akauntan ~ haa ~ apelagi ? sume ade kt dye laa,,,what ? gf ? msti laa ade ...! alaa ,,biase laa 0rg KL...(je0l0us) hee ~ pas2 kan ,,ade laa aq nmpak budak p0mpuan nie dye pakai kas0t supra ,,alaa~ kas0t justin bieber 2 ,(bf k0rang kan ) haha ~ smart si0t dye pakai ,,hee ~ girls yg freehair jelaa kan match pakai ngn kas0t supra 2,, kalaw aq pakai ,,haha ~ d0n't imagine !! haaha~
smalam,,mule2 aq pegi ng0k ain dulu ,,c0zz nk isik b0rang matrik 0n9 ,,,yay ! kalaw budak yg amek sains tulen je kan yg kena mas0k matrik dulu ,,kalaw mcm aq (bidang agame ) mas0k k0lej U terus ,,ahahahaa ~ SHIT ~ cepat lha abezz sk0lah ,,
haa ~ bef0re aq pegi ng0k ain dulu ,, aq pegi kenduri kwn mak aq ,,dye d0kt0r n kawen ngn d0kt0r,,,respect laa,,haaha ~ dkt TTJ ..dh sampai kenduri ,,nmpak kenduri 2 mcm kenduri tahlil taw ,,,meme laa,,,rupenye salah kenduri ,,,mule2 mak aq tanye laa s0rang makcik ni ec0z dye p0n nk kenduri 2 jgk ...mak aq : akak ,tumpang tanye ,,nie umah badr0l hisan ea (ayah bride 2 laa),, n makcik 2 p0n jawab : a'ah ...damn ! klaw x yakin 2 jgn laa yakin sgt !! kan aq dh salah umah ,,babi !
n kite0rang p0n cariklah umah bride ..haa ~ sebaik jumpe ..awal sampai dari mkcik 2 ,,haha~ mmg l0aded laa kenduri bride 2 ,,tema dye kale merah ,,,hehe ~ c0mel bride 2 ...dye0rang kan ade catering ,,hahaa ~ budak catering 2 ,,asyek pandang2 aq ,jee ,,hey ,taw laa aq lawa(perasan japp) tapi c0ntr0l laa sikit nk pandang aq p0n ,,,hensem laa jgak mamat 2 ,,hehe ~

es0k sk0lah ,,babi ~
weyh .infinite dh tukar d0rm baru ,,dulu d0rm dye0rang kt gwang-d0 ,,,kesian infinite ! kene k0ngsi t0ilet c0z dye0rang ade 1 je t0ilet ,,,n d0rm dye0rang ,,klaw dye0rang b0rak ,,fan dye0rang b0le dgr ,,,eeii ,,unfair ,,, i want t00 ,,hee ~ tapi skang sume 2 x de ..c0z dye0rang pindah umah flat ,kt busan ,dye0rang pindah d0rm c0z dye0rang dapt n0 1 kt Mnet c0untd0wn ....chukhae infinite !! fighting ..~  respect laa k0rang ,,!! kt music bank k0rang dpt n0 7 ,,d0n't give up c0z inspirit will supp0rt y0u ever ,,saranghae ~~(rugi sape x dgr lagu infinite ,,be mine remix versi0n ) best gilee..
  k..papai ,...muahh

Jumaat, 9 September 2011

annye0ng !!

eeii !! gampang bt0ll laa wifi dlm umah nie,, !!! ap0 k0n0 ea tah ~ cari pasal je ngn aq ..!! arrgghh ~ dah laa enset x leyh bkak wifi , skang kt lapt0p pulakk,,,babii !! skang aq gune br0adband sial,,, even lembab aq gune jerr,, mamp0s kau laa wei !!

fakhr0l !! sial kau !! sedap2 jee ambek beg aq ,,kau igt beg bapak kau ke ?
                                           kt kelass...
fucker : (dgn babinye , dye ambek beg aq )
aq:then, aq carilha kt t0ng smpah ,, tapi x de ,, pas 2 ,,cikgu lha mas0k ,,, buat lha muka babi dulu ..
fakhr0l : aq x de laa jahat sgt mcm kau bayangkan ,, !! hah ,,(ayat nie skema ckit )  c0z aq dh lupe dial0g ape dye gune ,,
aq:  aq p0n buat lha muke babi kt kau ,,fakhr0l 0ii ,,!!
fakhr0l : dye dkat ngn aq n bisik  kt telinga aq ,,) lain kali kalau aq panggil jawab ea ,, (nada s0pan ) laa k0n0n ,,
aq : babi ,,mamp0s aq lha ,, aq x heran laa ngn kau ,,stakat muke kau ,,kt kedai b'sepah laa weii !! perangai dah lha mcm babi !! pukimak ~ pas 2,, aq p0n cakap iyelha ,, dgn nada yg myampahkan !!
fakhr0l : haaa !! 2 beg kau kt jannah
aq: jannah p0n bagi aq beg ,,then ,, aq p0n car0t-car0tkan dye (dlm hati jelha ),,mamp0s kau lha wei ,,sebaik kau lelaki ,,klaw kau p0mpuan ,,dh lame aq x kawan kau ,,babi ~ sial !!
                              dye x suke c0z time dye panggil ,,aq buat babi jee,,,iyelaa,,mamp0s aq lha kan !!
            fuckr0l the tr0ublemaker,, ann0ying jee ~

yay !! aq dlm pr0ses nk diet lha wei ,,haha ~ tapi arini aq mkn nasi g0reng , r0ti ch0c , n p0tat0 chips ,,,weii !! camne kau diet 2 ?? haha ~ ntah lhaa,,iman aq g0yang laa weii,,haha ~

yay!! es0k 0mma n appa gi tg0k ain n pegi 0pen h0use kt damansara c0z abg jai ajak ..(umah kwn
dye lha 2 !!aq x n0k pegi laa,,malass,,haha ~ nk 0n9 jee ~ hee ~

yay !! azyra nk mas0k sk0lah aq tawn depan laa,,x taw lha jadi ke x !! bag0s jgk dye mas0k  ,,,c0z budak2 nie ramai dh pindah !! shit !!

weyh !! lgi 3 minggu nk pmr,, !! t0lak berak n makan lgi !! waa !! dh lha ,,x sangg0p nk kira weii...haha ~ 1 haprak x bace buku lgi ,,,~ dh laa trial aq dpt 2A je,,pemende 2 aimi 0ii ,,hahaa ~

yay ! tadi aq tg0k music bank w0ii ,,every week aq tg0k !! kau ade ?? tdi ade infinite laa,,,waa ~ b0g0ship0 !! nak hug2...hee ~ c0mel lha L tadi ...skang lagu be mine dye0rang dlm versi remix ,,,best w0ii ,,,c0z dye0rang diiringi dgn pian0,vi0lin n ape mende jadah lgi tah ,,haha ~

k..papaii..muahh ~

Sabtu, 3 September 2011

yay !! yay !! raya ~

annye0ng ,.!! 0kee 2,,aq taw 0rang k0rea yg sejenis ngn aq x smb0t raye kan kan kan,,,hee ~ s0 ? x heran p0n ,,haha ~ nnti aq celebrate kismes ngn u all ea ,,haha ~ gedikkzz lakk kau ,,,~

yau yau ~ nk cite nie ,,,, duit raye aq nk cmpai 500 hengget laa...kau ade ?? hee ~ ye laa,,,sedara aq sblah JB kan l0aded2 .... <-- bt0l ke aq eje 2 ?? main tibai jee ~ hehe !! my wish nk beli i-ph0ne kan kan kan ,,,what ? nik0n ?  euuww ,, x minat snap2 laa,,,hee ~ n d0n't think s0 ,,,!!

first eid ,, aq raye gemas  dlu ,,,,...,, berderet2 0rang dtg umah ,,, mcm umah PM dah neng0knye .... what ? u nk raye umah aq ?? b0le2 ,,,tpi layan diri ea ,,, ,, n duit raye n0 n0 n0 ...tggu aq dah kje  nnti ,,haha ~ memang x nak bagi p0n ,,wkaka !! SHIT !! 0kee2 smb0ng cite ea ,,,  time pagi2 kite0rang gi kub0r dulu laa w0ii ,,x kan main mercun p0n ,,,,,  ,,haha ! mmg b0ring p0n cite aq ?? asal ?? x suke ? 0ff cepat my page !! pas2 ,, kite0rang balek kmp0ng kt sg,2 ....huii ~ sesak umah 2 ,,,yelaa ,,adek beradek my 0mma kan 11 ,,haha ~ kau ade ??  then ,.,,kite0rang balek kmp0ng jelebu petang2 gitu laa,,, malam baru smpai umah ,,l0l..

sec0nd eid pulakk ..,,haa ~ baru raye kt JB ,,,,ye 3 ..mmg x rapat p0n kt sblah JB ,,,c0z sblah bapak aq punye siblings ,,,pas 2,,, raye umah lelain ,,ntah laa ,,x kenal laa name sibling appa aq ,,hee ~ n then kite0rang pegi danga bay kjap ,,nk snap2 gamba ,,,hee ~ ye , aq dh penah pegi laa ,,,taw laa k0rang dh bepul0h pul0h gi situ kan ,,, ade aq heran ?haha ~

raye ke 3 ,,kite0rang d0k umah je p0n ,,.. tggu 0rang raye kt umah haa ,,!! haha ~ b0san nak mamp0s ,,,,, smpai.. laa hari2 ster0snye ..

arini ,,igtkan nk pegi jalan2 kt KL..naik k0muter ke LRT  ,,ntah laa ape name bende alah tah ..tggal keta kt semban laa 0mma n appa ajak ,,tpi cancel ..,aq malas laa nk pegi ,,,ja0h sgt ,,, n aq mmg nk simpan duit p0n ,,,hee ~ nk beli i-ph0ne ,, kan kan  kan ?? hee~ tadi kite0rang jalan2 raye umah mak dah ,,my babysitter dulu ,,cian aq tg0k at0k (laki mak dah ) ,,,,c0z dye lump0h n sakit tua ,,ye laa kan ,,! dye dud0k je kt atas kusi r0da 2 ,,,,nk nangis aq ,,ye laa ,,time aq kecik2 dlu ,, dye slal00 bwak aq jlan2 n beli jajan tuk aq,,,n time kite0rang pegi umah dye tadi, dye nangis ,,, yg buat aq sh0ck 2 ,,mak dah cite ,,at0k dud0k atas kusi fr0m 8 a.m until 8 p.m ,,cube kau imagine ,,x ke patah pinggang kau tu ,,,tadi p0n ,,aq tg0k at0k dye mcm nk bg0n dri kusi r0da tu ,,,mak dah ckap dye x larat nk angkt at0k c0z dye ses0rang je yg angkat ,,x larat lha kan ,,,tadi ,,aq jumpe cik jal n his wife,, tu p0n dye balek umah dye mlm nie ,,, ermm..cik ina p0n x balek c0z jga mak mentua dye kne str0k ,,n mak dah cite laa kt 0mma ,,dye kecik hati lha kan ,,,ermm ,,.

waaa !! ari isnin sk0lah lha ,,benci 2 ...mcm skjap je raye padehal seminggu ,,n es0k ain gem0k balek sk0lah  ,,hee ~

l0l... 0mma ,,ain gem0k n appa gi main b0ling sekarang ,,i'm al0ne n0w,,,aq malas nk ik0t ,,c0z nk 0n9 laa,,,n aq bukannye reti main b0ling p0n ,,haha ~,,,k papaii ,,,

es0k ,,aq upl0ad gamba ary raye ea ,,k papai ,,,muahh ~

Khamis, 25 Ogos 2011

hey hey hey !!

annye0ng !! aime imnida ,,haisshh ! gedik nye kau ,,haha ~ eee..geram3..dh laaa lg 1 jam nk bukak p0se tetibe peri0d...aig00  ! eh sial laa ,,puihh !!

haha ~ aq x pegi bukak p0se n terawih kt sk0lah ,,,bagus jgk aq peri0d ...malass nk pegi ..~! s0 .k0 pehal ? yay !! byk gile kne ganti p0se ,,aryni mas0k ke 9 aq x p0se ,,, asyek peri0d je  !!

0m0 !! my 0mma buat kueh raye laa,,,haha~ very  weird laa ...yelaa c0z dpt cuti sbl0m raye kan kan kan ,,,

l0l...byk gile h.w cikgu bagi ,,nk termuntah dh haa ~ haha ~ ayat x b0le bla jek,,

yay ~~ aq dh khatam tg0k cite my fair lady ,,,best gilee laa ,...rugi sape x tg0k ,,,!! haha ~ finally , they t0gether ,,,aegy0 ! cute ~

k..papaii ,.muah  ,,,selamat ary raye ...

Selasa, 23 Ogos 2011

g00d night ~ l0l

ya ya ya !! i've g0t my pai result yay !! haha ~ cuk0p2 mkn jelaa weii ,,80 jekk ,,, aq baru dapt 2 A .... iiiyeekk !! please x bangga langs0ng ,,meme laa !!

hey see these picture ?? ce teka ce teka !!~ aq skarang tgh h0t tg0k my fair lady 0r ape tu ,,haha ~ lady castle ,,nak pr0m0t kjap ,,,tg0k laa kt kbs w0rld m0nday until thursday jee laa dye start k0l 3:23 - 4:30 p.m ,,,yay !! s0metime i miss my fair lady ~ sedeh2 ,,,,!! d0n't mind laa ,,tg0k kt y0utube ,,..haha ~ aq dh khatam smpai eps 10 ,,, drama tu end eps 16 jee,,,ckit jee ,,!!! haha ~

her0 dye y00n sang hyun as d0ng chan ,(yg tgh pegang pinggan mangk0k tu ), haa ~ lagu yg aq pasang nie laa dye nyanyi,,, helpless x ??

her0in dye y00n eun hye as kang hyena ,,l0l ,,  eg0is but cute ,,aegy0

n jung il w00 as tae yun .. suke2 ,,rupe dye mirip y0ung saeng laa ,,l0l twins ke ??haha ~ but cute laa ,,

l0l ,, n aq suke theme s0ng dye ,,,,best laa,,,h0t stuff fr0m davichi ,,haa !! rajin2 kan tgn anda utk menaip lagu ini dan dengar la,,,haha ~

yuppi ,,i g0t rm10 fr0m sazah salimah  as duit raye c0z g0t A in b.a ,,haha ~ 10 hengget je maa,,,tarak heran p0n ,,haha ~  x pe janji lepas aq nk beli keychain nf0n ea,,,haha ~ wait f0r me nissa,, aq tgh c0llect m0ney nie ,,haha ~

k..papai ...annye0ng ~

Ahad, 21 Ogos 2011

annye0ng !! fever !! hate it l0ve it !!~ ??

yay !! aq x gi sk0lah laa aryni c0z g0t fever ,,aig00 ~ ... tetibe jee pening kpale,,cam sial jee,,,!! time bru bang0n tid0 ,,,mate mcm kab0r jee,,, !!mcm nk pengsan laa rase,,

s0 ,,aryni aq x puase laa,,, x larat laa...tapi sekrang dh 0kee !! smpat 0n9 lgi !! haa~ kene ganti puase lgi ,,0m0 !!! help me ,,L ,,!! haha~

i'm al0ne at h0me n0w ,,,!! c0z my appa gi segamat nk jual insurans ,,n my 0mma cam biase gi kje laa ,,x kan g jalan lakk ,,kan ?

yess man ,,,!! ary sabtu nie ,,nk pegi beli baju raya kt melaka with my family !!..!! wanna with me ?? haha!! c0z aq x beli baju raye lgi ,,beli yg siap je laah ..!! n nk beli tud0ng !! yay !! suke2 ,,~ tud0ng c0mel2 tu ,,,haha!

k,,papai ,,, g0maw0  f0r reading !!  yay !! k0rang ,,~ kite nk raye laa.. x saba dh nie ~ nk c0llect duit raye manyak2 ,,!! kau ade ?? haha ~

aig00 !! L was slipped n leader sunggyu laugh him ,,, cute lha ...hee!~

annye0ng annye0ng !!

annye0ng !! lame dah x wat bl0g ,,,nie my new bl0g  ,,haa ~ kerek jekk...c0z bl0g dlu aq dh delete ,,ntah lee pepasal ,,eh,sial lha ,,puihh.!!

smalam aq dh wat bl0g ,,tpi x igt passw0rd ,,cam sial jee,,dh lha lame aq buat mende jadah 2...aisshh...w0ii,,next week raye w0ii,,, aq nk kump0l duit raye laa c0z nk beli i-ph0ne ,,,huahau ,,mcm cuk0p jek,, kan kan ,,,

aig00 !! nmpak x bear bwh 2 ?? 2 nur ain ismail bagi lha,,c0z SAENGIL CHUKHAE HAMNIDA ...0m0 ,,dye igt bufday aq l0l,,,she my bestfriend in maahad 4ever..b0g0ship0 , bufday dh lepas dah ,,15 /8 ...cian3 ..bufday L lgi lepas ..13/3 kan ,..hei !! aq x curang lha L 0ii ...igt lgi bufday kau haa ...!! kau ade igt bufday aq kaa ?? memey lha,,,

 aq bwat bl0g nie c0z aq dh abez trial laa w0i ,,, PMR ?? haa !! 2 bl0m lgi ,,nnti aq delete lha bl0g nie ,,, haha !! wasting time laa weii !! arass0 ..
                  MY BAD RESULT !! kau ade ?? haha~
bm-79 damn !! lgi 1 mark jee nk A.. my teacher is c0cky !!

bi-60 C f00l right ?? haaha

ba-94 A aig00 ~!! x bangga p0wn lha ,,scr0ll bwh lagi ea ..rajin2 kn tgn anda ..

khb-52 C haa~ i hate this subject ,,puihh !!

ge0-65 B ..wekk!! cuk0p2 mkn jekk dpt B ..!!

SEJ-47 D..l0l ,,x taw nk cakap ape dh ,,aq just taw k0rea hist0ry jekk,,haha~

sc-41 D ...n00b jgk bab2 saen nie,..

pai ...dpt lpas raye ,,,ust mazlan s0 lazy !!! asal x tawn depan je bagi ?? haha~

n finally my fav0urite subject !! haha~ math-20 E... c0z aq x suke number, cmni lha jdinye

    haa!! staisfied ?!   l0l..

   k..papaii tgh tunggu berbuke nie...k..papai...annye0ng !!