Isnin, 17 Oktober 2011

# freed0m like a bird 0r be ann0ying with my suck teachers f0r this h0liday ?? 0whh # really2 tired f0r this freakin questi0n ! ,!

yaa ! i w0nder ,,wanna f0r h0liday in 3 places at kedah,perlis,penang 0r camer0n ,?? in my tweeters ,,n0 s0me0ne want t0 help me ,,#maybeitn0timp0rtantf0rthem ,,right ??

why i be like that n request an answer fr0m y0u ?? c0z if i g0 t0 the 3 places,,yee ~ kinda ann0ying c0z i must wear a muslimah cl0thes ..n tud0ng lab0h ,,uurgghh!! s0 ann0ying ,,n if i g0 t0 camer0n ,,yeah i will happy at there c0z i'm freed0m want t0 fashi0n like this 0r like that ~ ,, yup ,,at 3 places with my classmates n little sch00lmates als0 with very2 ann0ying teacher ,,n in camer0n ,,i freed0m like a bird n can g0 anywhere which i admire with my parents,,!

k ,,thats all f0r t0day ~ 0r may i cancel this h0liday trip ,,?? haha ~ please ,,i will never !! i must ch00se 0ne ASAP ,!!
papaii ,,muahh~

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